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A Better Covenant

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Hebrews 8:6-8 (NIV)

We previously established that in the cutting of a covenant, the covenanters become one and this changes their status; like Israel, being in a covenant with God changed their financial and health status and guaranteed their victory in warfare and whatever could not stop God could not stop them anymore because they were now one with God. What God did with Israel is symbolic of what God would do with us. The lamb that was slain with its blood was symbolic of Christ and His blood. The beautiful thing now is that our own deal is the real and better deal and not a symbol like that of the old covenant.

Now the new covenant through Christ is better for three reasons which are: the mediator is better; the blood of the covenant is better, and the promises are better.

The first covenant God cut with His people was inadequate because God found fault with His people. The problem was with the people; Hebrews 4:2 highlights this. God knew that the people problem had to be solved; that was why Jesus came; sacrificed himself on the cross to change us from the inside out. Whenever man sinned in the old covenant, the high priest offered sacrifices and took the blood into the holy of holies to atone for first his sins and then after, the sins of the people; but now we have a high priest whose priesthood is superior to that of Aaron. Jesus our high priest offered His blood once in heaven’s tabernacle. All the previous high priests are dead but our own high priest; Christ is alive forever to enforce the terms of our covenant. Our high priest; Christ does not die, He lives forever to make intercessions for us. Our own high priest did not have to atone for His own sin because He had none. Under the new covenant in Christ, we have a permanent solution to sin. It is great to know that in Christ when we are forgiven; our slate is completely wiped clean. Once our sins are forgiven, next, our high priest now resides in us. Hence, we can function with confidence and boldness because we have a better mediator.

Next, the blood is better. If the blood of lambs could bring such a powerful deliverance in Egypt; then the blood of the sinless Son of God will work far better for us. The spirit of death saw the blood of lambs on the doorpost of the Israelites and was powerless; how about the blood of the sinless Son of God? Hence when destruction comes close by and sees the blood of Christ, it will fly over you. Through the blood of Jesus Christ, our consciences have been purged of sin. Whenever you invoke the blood of Jesus Christ, it will speak for you. This means that through the blood of Christ, you have been positioned beyond curses.

Finally, the promises are better. Under the old covenant, our obedience to God’s commands was externally imposed. It was fear of punishment that shaped their behaviour but this is different for us. The difference for us is that the saviour now lives inside us and motivates us from the inside to do the right thing. Some people are living Old Testament lives in the New Testament dispensation. In the New Testament, the Holy Spirit lives in us, enabling us to do what is right. It is a new dispensation and a better one. The main thing the Holy Spirit does is to give you revelation. Never estimate yourself based on your physical appearance because you are many times more in the realm of the spirit. When you show-up in certain places, what satan sees is blinding light. For us, the Holy Spirit reveals God’s plans for us first and then the physical equivalent comes later. We receive spiritually and then after physically; 1 Corinthians 2:9-10. Faith is birthed the moment we catch it spiritually; we can begin dancing and rejoicing from the time it is revealed. We’ll find our destiny in the scriptures just as Christ found His. You’ll see the new you and your body will ultimately align because in Christ you have far better promises than that the Israelites had.

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