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After the Sabbath

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Exodus 20: 11 (NLT)

What do we do after the Sabbath since the Sabbath speaks of rest? The purpose of sabbath was intimacy with God. In intimacy with Him, we download revelation, inspiration and direction. God expanded the scope of rest in Leviticus 25:1-5. The reset button was pushed in 2020, now we have New Beginnings.

What next after sabbath, what next?

  1. God supplies fresh purposes, new visions and higher dimensions. Walk in step with the spirit of God, that’s the secret.
  2. Drop old mindsets. No point longing for the past or what’s gone.

Now is the time to call yourself what God calls you, get rid of fixed mindsets. What you call yourself is what you are. Who you believe is who you become.

After the sabbath, it’s time to unleash your creativity.
We’ve been called to create, innovate and invent. Things are changing, our creativity and innovation will determine if we will stagnate.
The kind of value we add to our world will be determined by our creativity and innovation.

You are already creative, the call to you today is to unleash it.

Things to note for creativity.
✔️Learn to be curious. Read, travel, Open up to new ideas. Don’t stay with a narrow subject, learn about a range of subjects.

✔️Don’t joke with your association, it has a huge impact on your thinking. Prob 13:20, Psalms 1:1 Do brain storming with people with good ideas.

✔️Find & define atmosphere that gets you the eureka moment and schedule around it.

✔️Reflect deeply on nature, the closer you are to nature, the better.

✔️Remember to take a break, it refreshes your mind.


Create a family, business, ideas, move things around, act in faith. This season marks the end of stagnation, heaven will reach out to you.

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