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Agents of Joy

Pastor Timi Mogaji

Text: Acts 8:4-8

Jesus’ mission is to bring joy into our world.
We have experienced major difference in our lives since we gave our life to Christ. Don’t just be part of a happy crowd, God wants us to be a distributor of Joy. It is not enough for you to be beneficiaries of joy but be a distributor.

Be an agent of joy.

When you change sadness into joy for people, your own joy increases.

The greatest investment you will ever make are those you make in people. Choose to be an Agent of Joy.

Sharing the good news of salvation brings joy not only on earth but in heaven, it causes the angels to rejoice. For every time you turn people’s sadness into joy, it is recorded in heaven. There is a record and there will be a reward.

Don’t overlook the needy, let God use you to bring joy to them.

Will you be a thermostat or a thermometer. A thermostat controls temperature while the thermometer measure it.

You are the light and the salt of the earth. Joy should be the default mood of a believer.

Because of you, there will be joy in your city.

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