• You’re Provoking Me

    You’re Provoking Me

    You’re provoking me. Just imagine, for a moment, that a child, maybe even your child, comes to you and says “Dad, you’re provoking me o”. LOL…I can almost picture your shock. For starters, I imagine you’ll just say, ‘Huh?!’ google-eyed. Then I imagine you shaking your head, like “dem no born am well’’ while recovering […]

  • Bonding As A Team In Marriage

    Bonding As A Team In Marriage

    Bonding as a team in marriage. In a marriage, there should be a level of openness and vulnerability between couples. To achieve this, there should be a measure of bonding. You need to bond at all levels; Spiritually, emotionally, physically… (Genesis 2:24-25 NLT) Star players don’t win in marriages, teams do, you either win together […]

  • Are You Too Busy For This?

    Are You Too Busy For This?

    Are you too busy for this? Recently, a renowned influential man posted a picture of himself helping his sons with school assignments, and this roused a lot of opinions on his post. While some opined that he is a wealthy man who no longer needs to work so hard, hence he has free time on […]

  • Family Success (3)

    Family Success (3)

    Family Success. Some people say it is better to marry for love because love can carry a family through good times and bad times. Other people say it is not enough to marry for love. When love is mentioned, we usually think of romantic love. The foundation of love we have established throughout this series […]

  • Author Unknown but we agree!

    Author Unknown but we agree!

    Author Unknown, but we agree! Wednesday’s service was special. Ok, that’s not exactly accurate; Wednesday’s service was beyond special. If you missed it, you can watch it here.  A few of our Daystar Singles were in a panel session discussing the single life, and like Abimbola, the Moderator pre-warned us, it was indeed a ‘no […]

  • Single And Purposeful

    Single And Purposeful

      What is your purpose? Yesterday at midweek service, we had a vibrant and enlightening discussion about being single and purposeful. The panel of speakers were a cross-section of five people, among which was a relationship expert. They shared their personal journeys and discussed what it means to be single and purposeful. It started with […]

  • We Love It ‘Fresh and Healthy’.

    We Love It ‘Fresh and Healthy’.

    We love it ‘fresh and healthy.’ We always come alive in a Farmer’s market, the fresh vegetables, and succulent fruits with all the vibrant colors bursting with light. That’s how a home should be. Everything fresh and healthy, joy and laughter everywhere. But you know, it takes some work to get your home like that. […]

  • Family Success (2)

    Family Success (2)

    Family Success. About a month ago, there was an incidence that had the whole world talking, the rumoured divorce of a popular footballer and his wife. Everyone talked about it non stop and had many opinions about it. Of course, people always have opinions about other people’s marriages but what is God’s opinion about your […]

  • Building a successful family

    Building a successful family

    Building a successful family. The family is the nucleus and the bedrock of everything man has done on Earth. Everyone who has ever done something great came from a family. For example, the popular surgeon Ben Carson would not have achieved all the wonderful things he did were it not for his mother. God wants […]

  • We Need More Synonyms!

    We Need More Synonyms!

    We need more synonyms! If I were to find synonyms for the Clarke’s marriage today, I would say ‘Victory, Triumph, Wins, Boom, Restoration…’ Can you add more synonyms, please? Ok, let me back up and explain, but first, has Pastor Boye Oloyede’s phrase from last Sunday been ringing in your head as much as it […]