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Citizens Matter

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Number 13: 30-33 (NLT)

This passage outlined the children of Israel experience out of slavery from Egypt to the promise land. The twelve spies appointed by Moses were not just ordinary men but leaders from Israel. Their mandate was to check out the land and confirm it was what God promised. Ten of these leaders gave a bad and negative report while the other two reported positive things assuring them of victory.

Leaders broke into two groups. Majority was negative. They could not see possibilities.  The deciding factor is the citizens. The people were the deciding factor. They had the choice to move with the two but they went with the ten. If it is true that God is with us, we will prevail.

They factored God into their thinking. It made the difference.  They saw the economic, social, political and technological challenges but when you bring God into the equation, impossibilities should lose its definition. There is no need to have a country filled with religious people but fail to draw from our close access to God to conquer our problems as a people.

With their choice to go with the ten people report, they extended their journey in the desert by forty years. It was the group of leaders the citizens supported that prevailed.  The people went with the leaders that made them comfortable in their low self esteem.

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