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God’s love is nothing but vain wishes if not expressed particularly to the underprivileged in the society. For being under privileged, the faults may not be theirs more especially little school children. True love of God is not measured by the size of a cathedral but the impacts on its worshippers.

Above aptly underscores the intentions of Daystar Christian Centre’s massive give out to school children and students, mostly underprivileged, on Saturday 12th September, 2015 in a Back To School Initiative. Items given out included quality school bags, textbooks, sandals, notebooks, pencils, biros, among others. Back To School Initiative was organised in accordance with scriptural principles as emphasized in Psalm 82:4 “Deliver the poor and needy: rid them out of the band of the wicked”.

Annually, the church leadership under the senior pastors, Sam & Nike Adeyemi, takes it as duty to kit children across Lagos Nigeria with school materials for their resumption. This has been a tradition in the last 20 years of the church. This year’s edition is unique in all dimensions. Usually, the free entry event has 5000 to 8000 every year but this edition had over 12000 participants. To the glory of God, they all went home happy with relevant school materials needed for this academic session.

According to the senior pastors, Sam & Nike Adeyemi, “the true essence of a church, as taught by Christ, is to be the light of the society. The light shows way in the darkness, provides directions and makes going easy. We are called by God to raise role models in the society and education remains a pivotal compass in shaping and modeling young lives”.

On why his church embarks on such massive task, Adeyemi said “We believe government alone cannot fix the societal problems, hence the church. We recognize the big need in our society and God is helping us to meet it. If our nation must advance economically, the educational system must be restored with quality teaching materials which have been lacking in our government schools. We believe the church is the hope of this nation and Daystar Christian Centre is playing this role today.”

Head Benevolence unit of the church, Mr Akin Ademosu, said the items were donated by church members. According to him, “our church is socially responsible to the society. In the last 20 years, we discover the need to make lives easier for school children and students in secondary schools. Our members are committed followers of Christ’s teaching on giving and we are here today again to practically demonstrate it. We have done this since the ministry started and we will continue until no child or student goes to school without quality materials”.
Speaking after the programme, a parent, Mr Olatilo James thanked the leadership of the church for the gesture. “This is the third time my son, Joshua, is being provided for by this ministry. The quality of the books, bags usually last him for the whole academic session. I don’t have to buy these items again. I am again grateful and pray more blessing for leadership of this ministry”.

In her own words, an SSS2 student from Oregun High school, (name withheld), said “the existence of this church in our community has paid our family so well. Though my parents are Muslims, but they always wait till September when this event holds and are sure my school materials will be provided by Daystar. Since my JSS1, I don’t buy school bags, books and biros but Daystar Christian Centre provides that for me. I thank the church very much”.
“We will do more God willing till these children become role models and heaven’s lifestyles become normal on earth till we meet Christ in Glory” Adeyemi concluded.


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