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Daystar Protests Epileptic Power Supply

Over 7,000 members of Daystar Christian Centre, marched to the Lagos State governor’s office this morning protesting epileptic power supply in the country.

The peaceful protest was led by the Senior Pastor of the church, Rev. Sam Adeyemi, accompanied by the executive director of The Punch Newspapers, Mr. Azubuike Ishiekwene and Pastor Nike Adeyemi, wife of the Daystar pastor.

The protesters marched from the church’s headquarters, Ikosi Road, through Oregun Road to Obafemi Awolowo Way down to the Lagos State Governor’s Office at Alausa. The protesters, wore white and green T-shirts with the inscription, Let There Be Light at the front and Walk For Light at the back. Drumming and singing, the protesters called on the Federal Government to make the power sector stable, so that generator merchants do not suck Nigerians dry while smiling to the bank.

There was a mild traffic gridlock as the protesters marched through Ikosi and Awolowo Way. According to Pastor Adeyemi, the walk against epileptic power supply is the first in the series of advocacy activities aimed at restoring the nation to the path of dignity.

“The walk for light event is aimed at creating a platform for Nigerians to demand sustainable solution to our lingering electricity problems. “Nigeria’s 49th Independence anniversary provided an opportunity to conduct a critical check on our nation with a view to speaking out on what has become a life-threatening sore point in our national life,” he said.

Adeyemi called on the FG to break the monopoly of PHCN and allow private investors and state governments to generate and distribute electricity, adding that the strategy that worked for telecommunications should be made to work for power supply. He stated that if there was no limit to the number of pole lines a telecommunication company should generate, there should be no limit to the volume of power a company should generate and distribute in the country.

“We are calling on importers of generating sets and diesel, who have graciously helped to provide relief through their products, to support this call and to subsequently divert their investment into power generation and distribution.

“We are also calling on the executive and legislative arms of government at local, state and federal levels to show compassion for Nigeria, demonstrate leadership quality and facilitate the breaking up of the PHCN monopoly.

“We are calling on all Nigerians involved in the generation, distribution and consumption of electricity to accept honesty as a national standard and as a way of life, and so stop all forms of deep-cutting in the award and execution of contracts,” he stated.


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