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Daystar Set To Build Ultra-Modern Toilet Facility For Ajao Estate Junior High School

When it comes to community development, Daystar Christian Centre never rest on her oars as this remains one of the guiding principles and commitments of the church.

On Friday 15th February 2013, another developmental project was championed by the District4 arm of Daystar Christian Centre as it commences the construction of an ultra-modern ten cubicles toilet block for a public school, Ajao Estate Junior High School, located at Anthony Village, Lagos.

Officially opened by Lagos State Commissioner for Education Mrs. Olayinka Oladunjoye who was capably represented by Mrs. Ajibike Ogunsanwo, alongside the Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development, Mr. Olutoyin Ayinde, the groundbreaking project aims at terminating the challenges of the students and staff of Ajao Estate Junior High School regarding lack of toilet facilities.

Before now, there used to be a toilet in the school, but the toilet was built on pit latrine which is very dangerous to the students; future leaders of our nation. Eventually, the school authority had to stop students and staff from using the toilet as it has deteriorated horribly and is now being tagged ‘danger zone’ due to erosion. Since then, the students and staff have nowhere to use as toilet facility until the issue was brought to the attention of Daystar Christian Centre.

According to the principal of the school, Mrs. “When Daystar came to distribute exercise books to our students, I told them about our major challenge which is lack of toilet and, surprisingly, they promised to help. Today, the entire students and staff of this school are very delighted that the approval has been granted and God has destined for this toilet project to commence. I so much love the beautiful design and pray God continues to bless Daystar as a whole,” she spelled out enthusiastically.

In appreciation of Daystar’s generous acts, the representative of the Commissioner for Education, Mrs. Ajibike Ogunsanwo, who is also the General Permanent Secretary, Education District 2, applauded the church and affirms accordingly “We appreciate Daystar for supporting the government in meeting such crucial need of this school by providing this unique toilet facility. It is a great thing when the church helps with the development of the community, as the government can’t do it alone.”

Mr. Toyin Akande, Commissioner for Physical Planning and Urban Development also couldn’t hide his excitement. “Daystar has shown a good example of taking leadership to another level by impacting the society in a radical manner. I pray God help Daystar to remain consistent with this noble act,” he stated. He also intimated everyone that, to ensure the sustainability of the project, expertriates have been contracted to execute the ultra-modern toilet facility which also includes special design to cater for the physically challenged.


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