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Direction and Rest (3)

Pastor Nike Adeyemi

Luke 10: 41

Let us just continue from the past episodes where our senior pastor has been sharing with us on direction and rest.  In times like these, we all need divine directions. We always want to be sure we are on course, no mistakes. No one wants to be out of the will of God.

If you will be guided, if you will put a premium on God’s direction for your life, you must value revelation. You must value God’s word to you. What He is saying, what He has said, but what He is also saying currently. I remember in the Bible Elijah heard God’s word, He said, go to the Brook and he went. There, ravens fed him there for a period of time. He heard God’s word.

But after a while, God’s word came to him again. He said, go to Zarephath. I have commanded a widow to feed you there.  He got up and went. Now if he only valued what God had said, he would stay there, he would say no Lord, what you have said is what I’m still holding on to I am not even done. I am not open to even hearing a fresh word from you, I am not open to any new revelation, I am holding on to what you said. But he was opened. God’s voice or nudging or impression or inspiration came to him again and he moved.

How many things have God said to us? Or we read in the word and we feel okay, this is for me. We have moved with it and just stayed there and not open to what He’s saying now. What is God saying to you during this pandemic and this worldwide lockdown? His word is not on lockdown. That is something I am so excited about that. We may be lockdown in our homes or some of us might be lockdown in some countries or some city where we did not plan to be for an extended period of time, but the Word of God is not on lockdown. Amazing. 

So, again, let’s get rid of issues like this over busyness. Over busyness without direction sometimes leads to frustration. So, the Word of God, revelation will give direction to our hearts. It will give direction to our lives. It will give us peace, it’s in the place of peace we can hear. it’s in the place of peace that we can really be opened to receive. 

It says the wisdom of God is peaceable. It comes with peace; is easily entreated, is easily absorbed. When we are distracted and all over the place, what we should embrace will push away. What we should push away we will embrace and have it all mixed up.  I trust God that you know in season like this, even though it’s really hard on us, many of us you know not being able to go hang out with friends as much as we would, our family, all the things that we really love to go do. But one thing this season should do for us, is to just quieten us in our spirit. Even though we do have the pressure to also be very busy and because we’re concerned about our finances. We’re concerned about not looking lazy, not looking like we’re not doing anything. So sometimes we want to keep up with appearances. We want to keep up like we’re busy and some of us are truly very busy, because some of us are just in high demand in this season. But we’ve got to learn to pace ourselves if we want to be divinely directed.

Let’s put value on sitting at His feet. Let’s put value in just leaning in to hear what He’s saying. I love hearing God’s word. Indeed, the Holy Spirit taught me how to hear His voice.

When you are in a relationship with someone, the longer the relationship, the more intimate relationship you are with that person, the more familiar you would be with the person’s voice, the more familiar you will be. So it’s important that we know His voice we know that He’s leading us, the nudges of our hearts, and how He leads us each and every one of us, differently.

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