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Direction and Rest

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Psalm 23
This is a time of heightened anxiety, a time of uncertainty, decision making some of which are simple while some are complex. Be reminded that God gave us one word, Rest! 
How could we have known that we would be compelled to stay at home? That most aircrafts would be grounded, that cars would have to rest and the roads would have to rest?.

Matthew 11:28-30 shows that we find that rest when we find alignment with God’s purposes and plans for our lives. Romans 8:28
Divine direction is the basic requirements for rest. We struggle too much. To enjoy God’s guidance in life, we must acknowledge Him as our Shepherd. No one knows you as intimately as God does. Nobody knows your future, your past, the potentials that has been invested in you to fulfil God’s plans and purposes for your life. Nobody knows all of those intricate details like God does so no one can really guide you into making the best decisions and making the best investments of your resources in life like God. So you’ve got to recognise His voice and how He’s leading you in the midst of  everything going on in the world right now. In the midst of the noise, God’s voice is still there speaking to you and providing guidance for your life. 

John 10:27-29 To recognise God’s voice, you have to know Him intimately. David cultivated an intimate relationship with God and that is why the Psalms affect us deeply up till today. They help us to express the thoughts and emotions that many of us cannot even articulate clearly. He leveraged his situation, taking care of the sheep to cultivate an intimate relationship with us. We should do the same with this lockdown situation. Sometimes, humans are our greatest sources of distraction.

As David grew intimate with God, He enjoyed God’s love. He developed a sense of identity that only God could have developed. He got to see himself through God’s eyes. That’s the greatest gift anyone can get on this planet; getting your sense of identity from God because the truest things things you will ever know are the things that God will tell you. Sometimes we look at other people to find out what they think about us and then we form an image of ourselves from what people tell us they see from us and that’s where things begin to go wrong. If you allow human beings to label us, they will mislabel you. Once you get it wrong with identity, you’ve gotten it wrong. God Himself trained David. David never lost a battle because he never fought one without God’s direction. 

God wants to be close to us. Do we want to be close and intimate with Him? James 4:8. When you have found God, you have found everything. The things other things are chasing will begin to chase you. Psalm 63:1-8. Even while going through situations and circumstances, once you keep your focus on God, they will pale into insignificance. Faith will explode in your spirit. Rom 10:17
As God shares His perspective with you, you would lose your fear and anxiety. David found that the safest place to be was to be with God even in the midst of a storm. 

It’s difficult for you to recognise somebody’s voice without you hanging out with them. The more you know about the person, the more you’re delighted. 
Our time with God should not be a distraction from the ‘important’ issues of  life. What are those issues that are more important than staying in the presence of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords?

Mark 1:35 tells us of how Jesus woke up early to separate Himself to pray and afterwards, His disciples came to tell Him that everyone was looking for Him! We spend time chasing other people when we should be chasing God. When Jesus found God, people were chasing Him. Deuteronomy 28:2.

To cultivate intimate relationship with God;
1. Believe that He loves you. Don’t approach God with fear. Romans 8:1. Never believe Satan’s lies; to believe that God is angry with you. God loves you, He sent His Son to die for you on the cross. Romans 8:32. There’s nothing God cannot expend on you. God loves you dangerously, He cares for you affectionately. Believe it! God will not allow a trial to come if He will not use it to create promotion for you
2. Beware of legality. We are no longer under the old covenant. Jesus paid fully paid for our sins. 
Many people know the Psalm 23, but they don’t know the Shepherd! Use this pandemic to get to know the Shepherd.

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