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Your Dreams Are Coming To Pass


Pastor Sam Adeyemi [Text:  Genesis 42: 6-8]


Our God given dreams are coming to pass. When God wants to discuss the future with us, He goes to our imagination. In the imagination where dreams are birthed, there are no limitations. Dreams have the attribute of appearing unrealistic especially if they are from God. If our dreams are from God they will be wild. In the bible, Joseph’s dream seemed crazy but that’s the stuff that dreams are made of. We just need the use of our imagination to capture the possibilities in the future. It is in the imagination where a clerk can instantly become a CEO. However, the lack of a healthy self esteem prevents the positive and extraordinary use of our imagination; with the limiting question within us being; “what if it doesn’t happen?”

We will ultimately attract the equivalent of our most dominant thoughts. Things are not going to be the same forever and the question is “what will they change to?” If we cooperate with God like Joseph did then we become people that work with God to create the future because it has to be created.

Joseph’s dream came to pass. No matter how hard reality is, if we have a dream from God, hold unto it for eventually it will come to pass (Isaiah 46:9-11) because God’s integrity and ability is behind it. We should learn to get out of God’s way for He has purposed our visions and He will bring them to pass. The vision God gave us was not designed to run on our capacity to fulfill the vision, it was designed to run on the frequency of grace. We should let go and let God. We need to put our absolute trust in God if we sincerely want our God given dreams to come to pass. We need to believe that God will do what He has promised to do.

We need to develop our character through learning and mentoring to the degree required to fulfill the vision. We need to become the people in the vision we see. We are the magnets in the vision that will pull all other things in the vision to reality.

In addition, we need to identify the gifts and talents God has equipped us with and cultivate them through skill acquisition. There is no human being in this world that is not talented we need only discover those talents. God designed for us to live an extra ordinary life, we should therefore not settle for an ordinary one. We need to find our gifts and talents and cultivate them and put them to a steady good use. Also, we should maximize every opportunity for service. No opportunity should be too small for us to harness. We should serve and serve well and never underestimate any opportunity or anyone. We also need to be patient. We function in a world where time counts so we should not be pressurized. There’s no amount of heat that can make a block of ice to melt instantly. There is no instant fulfillment, if dreams will come to pass, it will take time and we need only be patient and get out of God’s way.

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