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Eternity Minded (Part 2)

Pastor Kenny Folarin

1st Cor. 15:19

Someone said this life has so much trouble. It is burdensome to think of another life after this one that the thought of having to sing or to be singing in another life is also burdensome and would prefer that everything terminates right here. Some people have this erroneous picture of eternity as a place where we will just continue to worship and sing hymns with lots of clouds and smoke and that is all you have to do. Someone said, “what if there is no life after death?” and we ask “what if there is a life after death?” in order to get more wisdom and perspective, we need to look at both sides of the “what ifs”.

Have you thought about “what if the Federal Government today decides to devalue our currency? What would be the impact, implication, cost of living and lifestyle? “What if it doesn’t?” What would be the implication? Questions like this help us to prepare for the “if and if not”.

We are, however, reminded today of the solid basis for the belief in life after death as Christians. The life after this life ought to be prepared for. No matter who you are, you will live forever. You will die a natural death but your soul will live forever. Our lives on earth are brief interruptions in eternity. This life is in preparation for life in eternity. We must be eternity minded and conscious. We can’t afford to forget that there is a life after death.  It is important for us to create a balance where we are eternity minded and earthly relevant. Eternity is real; it is not just a metaphor, a state of mind or a state of existence. It is a real life in a real place. How you live and do in this life counts in eternity hence we must be prepared and walk with that understanding as it impacts on our behaviour and values.

Jesus is the best person to describe the life here and the life after death as he died and rose up from the dead. The resurrection of Christ dealt the final blow on the idea of the finality of death and we see that in 1st Cor. 15:12-19 and 1st Cor. 15:3-7. Christ took on the ‘earth suit’, functioned here in time and went back to eternity as seen in John 11:25.

Some of the things Jesus said concerning life after death;

·         Marriage in Heaven: Mark 12:18-25 emphasises that in heaven marriage does not exist. It is only for this earth. If you are married, enjoy your marriage and make the most of your marriage and treat your spouse well. In heaven, you will experience a stronger emotion than sex 

·         There will be judgement in Heaven. 2nd Cor. 5:10 explains it. It is called the Great White Throne judgement. Every one of us will give account of how our lives were lived. We will also be rewarded accordingly based on the choices, decisions and actions we made. What you do with your life now will have a direct impact on everything that will happen after you die. There is something called Eternal Compensation and Eternal Condemnation

·         Matthew 25:31-46 tells us that the basis of our assessment in heaven will be our love walk; how we treat other people. Every human being is an extension of God and we will be rewarded based on how we treat people. Treat everyone well as what you do to people is recorded by God in Heaven. Treat your spouse right, treat your parents well, treat your boss right,  treat your staff right, treat your landlord right, treat everyone well

Many times we plan our lives with great attention to details; wedding ceremonies, birthday parties, graduation parties even holidays. However, are you living with a plan for eternity? Are you living with the consciousness that everything you do would matter in eternity? Are you living for eternity?

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