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Eternity Minded (Part 3)

Pastor Kenny Folarin

1st Cor. 15:19-20

When we die, we will take nothing along with us. The law of time perspective states the longer the time you factor into your decisions and action, the higher you rise. The person that plans for 50 years will be more effective than the person that plans for 50 days because life is a marathon, not a sprint. People are more tended towards short-term thinking. It is, however, wisdom to plan for the long term.

The wisest people on earth are those who are eternity minded. There is a life after now, there is a place called heaven, and there is a place called hell and one day each one of us will appear before these places and will give an account of how we spent our life here on earth. Eccl. 3:11 tells us that we were designed for eternity. There is something in the hearts of every individual that yearns for immortality and we want to break through death all the time. Most people do not like to hear that they will die. It is only at a funeral that people are sober and remorseful as they are confronted with the inevitable end of life that will happen to every human. We need to be reminded that everyone will die when our time is up. We should think about death and its consequences very often. The longer time you take into consideration, the more accurate your decisions and actions will be.

Christ has the authority to talk about life after death because He died and He rose. Let us a few things He said about life after death;

·         Luke 16:19-24 tells us that rich or poor, you will die one day. Death is the universal calamity that will befall everyone. Being poor or rich doesn’t automatically determine where you end up. It is really how you treat other people that determined where the rich man and the poor man went to.

·         We need to be reminded that every human being is an extension of God. We need to treat everyone around us well. Wealth and position increases your opportunity to help or hurt people. Our current life is the preparation for eternity.

·         After death, all your faculty will still be active and working well. Your capacity to feel pain and your memory will remain activated and strong. Only the body will be gone as seen in Luke 19:24. The rich man recognized Abraham and he felt pain

·         There will be huge surprises in heaven. Perspective to everything would change and we would see things differently. People who you never thought would make heaven would be there.

·         Everything on earth is temporary. No matter what you have, you will leave them all behind and go on to eternity. Your position would change.  Don’t see this life as the only life.

·         In Job 7:9-12, we see that there is no return. There is no opportunity to send any messages across. We need to listen to the messages being communicated here and now. The message is that Jesus has paid the price for all our sins with His precious blood and we are to accept forgiveness and  the Grace of God provided for salvation

God is asking us to change our ways because one day everything we do will be count for eternity. When your time is up, what would be the story the case for you?

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