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Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Eccl 3: 11

The beautiful thing for us believers is the fact that God’s word helps us to understand how our world works; how it was created, what it was created for and God’s plans and purposes for it. The earth was designed to exist forever and man was designed to live forever on it. God had a back-up plan. Something went wrong, man sinned and the earth was cursed for it and the Bible tells us in Revelations that there will be a new heaven and a new earth.

Our focus for today is on the fact that man is designed to live forever. God told Adam, “If you sin you die” and obviously He wasn’t speaking only about physical death. Man was separated from God, which is spiritual death and as a result of that, man’s body developed the capacity to disintegrate, death was introduced into the equation. But then, it is man’s body that dies, not his spirit and his soul.

God created time, but He is eternal. He lives in timelessness. It is a dimension but is not measured with clocks or watches. The beginning is the same end so God declares himself the Alpha and Omega. God spans everything. As seen from the creation story, what God put into man’s body wasn’t just oxygen or air for man to become a living soul. If it was as simple as that, we also would have created man in our own image. No, it wasn’t just mere air that God put into Adam’s body. It was spirit and soul. God pulled something out of Himself and dumped it into Adam’s body because He was creating man in his own image and after His own likeness. So, we have some of God’s qualities. Since God is eternal, man’s spirit is eternal. As seen in Eccl 3: 11, God has given us the capacity to sense eternity. Man is a miracle that has both the material world and spiritual realm fused together in one being.  We see in John 4: 24 that God is a spirit, angels are spirits, Satan is a spirit but man is a combination of the spiritual realm and the material realm. When man dies, his body disintegrates and goes back to the soil but his spirit does not die and that is why that spirit has the capacity to sense the dimension beyond the scope of time and to bring that down to shapen life on this planet. Time is our opportunity to fulfil God’s purposes here.  God created a new heaven and a new earth. The life that we live here will influence the life that we live in eternity.

God wants us to consider eternity in making our decisions right now. It is called the Law of time perspective. The longer the time you take into consideration in making your decisions, the more successful you are, the higher you rise and the more strategic your decisions are. One day, we will give account of the life we have lived here because the life we have lived here will influence the life we live after now. Heb. 9:27-28 confronts us with the reality of death. People are destined to die once and after that face judgement. One day, you will give an account of the life you live here. This is the most important thing that helps Christians regulate the life they live here. Some people believe that there is life after death but some don’t. However, if you are a Christian, the Bible establishes that there is life after death and that the life you live here will influence the life you live after death. The Bible establishes that once man dies, there is no other opportunity for making up for what we have done wrong. The only thing left after that is judgement. Romans 14:10 talks about the way we Christians behave with one another and how we have the capacity to run one another down. We see here also that God is our judge.

In Christianity there is a lot of freedom. There are lot of things that were fixed in Judaism and then you come into Christ and those laws are swept away. The only law we have that encompasses everything is the law of love. So you do good which is motivated from the inside. We find out that the fact that the Bible doesn’t lock-down on specifics about so many areas of life, they become opportunities for division and opportunities for creating doctrines over what the Bible did not fix and then we disagree over all those things when we have the fundamental things we should agree on. In 1st Cor. 2:1-4, Paul said all He knew was Christ and Him crucified and in reality, that is what binds us together. In Romans 14:10, we are reminded that we will all stand before the judgement seat of Christ. Paul the Apostle said in 1st Cor. 13 that we know in part and we judge in part. 1st Cor. 5:9-10 tells us that we are going to give account of all our actions while in the body whether good or bad.

Our focus now is on living our lives to please Him. John 8:29 tells of how Jesus does only those things that pleases the Father. When you are conscious of the fact that one day you will stand before God and give account and also you obey His commandment. If you love God, what you have to do is please Him. In 1stPeter 3:5 we are admonished not to live like everybody else or live to look good and forget that we are supposed to give account for our lives because one day everyone will give an account for what they have done.

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