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By Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Hebrews 9:27-28

We laid the foundation that we are made to last forever and this is simply because man’s spirit came from God and God is eternal. The physical death of man is not the final termination of the existence of man; beyond the point of death, we continue to live. This life, which is short is a preparation for the one which has no limits. We equally drew on the law of time perspective which holds that the longer the time put into consideration before making your decisions, the higher you rise and the more successful you are. When a Christian has a consciousness of eternity our decisions are more accurate; Psalm 90:12.

Eternity is the state of existence outside of time; time is a brief interruption in eternity. Actually, past, present and future exist within the context of time; within the context of eternity, they all merge into one. So you, for instance, ask God for His name and He says “I Am” and not I was. From God’s perspective, a thousand years is like a day and a day is like a thousand years. God lives in the past, present and future at the same time. The human mind cannot fathom eternity because it is bigger than the human mind. Our God is eternal and He dwells in eternity; having a dateless past and a dateless future.

Once our existence on this planet is terminated there is one event that will define our future and it is called ‘Judgment’. Eternal judgment is one of the basic doctrines of the Christian faith and this is believably so that every Christian will bear in mind that we are accountable and someday we’ll have to confront the fact that we own nothing on this earth and that we are only stewards and we’ll give an account of what we did with the resources placed at our disposal beginning with time. Hebrews 6:1-2 shows eternal judgment as one of the foundational teachings of Christ. Acts 17:31 shows that God has fixed a date for this event of the eternal judgment. Since God raised Jesus from death, it is proof that He will raise every human being that ever lived on this planet from death and each man will give a personal account to God; Romans 14:12.

The discussion on eternity scares people a lot but we should note that the ultimate judge is love personified. We do not approach that judgment with fear but with confidence. 1 John 4:17 shows that the key to our confidence is us maturing to become like Jesus Christ. The more like Jesus we are, the more confidence we have to approach the day of Judgment. Becoming like Jesus is developing the capacity to love like Jesus. Maturing in our love walk is what will give us confidence in the day of Judgment. There is more than on judgment listed in the bible but the major one of concern to us is the one that Jesus will make a separation among human beings; those going to heaven and those going to hell; a description in Matthew 25:31-46 gives us perspective; heaven was prepared for us humans and hell for the devil and his angels but the devil has vowed not to go down to hell alone without taking with him as many humans as possible. The aforementioned scripture proves that whatever we are doing now have eternal consequences repercussions; the scripture also shows that some were acting without having eternity in view; both parties described in the scripture were surprised by what they did but never knew it will count for so much. It is the measure of our love walk that determines how much like Jesus we have become and that will determine our confidence on the day of Judgment. How we treat people around us now is having an effect in eternity.

Hence, if someday, I’ll have to answer for the way I treat people right now, what I do with my time and money that God gives me right now then, what should I be doing that I am not doing yet? Conversely, what am I doing right now that I should not be doing? Let’s ask ourselves these questions, what should I stop doing now? Secondly, what should you be doing that haven’t been doing? What should you start doing right now?

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