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Faith with Action in Governance

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Romans 13:1-7 (NLT)

Everyone must submit to governing authorities for all authority comes from God. It has pleased God to place all the other institutions He created under the government. The authorities are God’s servants sent for your good. This should paint a picture in our minds what kind of people that are supposed to be in government. God has created the template and the designed the system.  The question is what kind of people did God have in mind to enable the system work as He planned it? The simple answer is godly people. When God placed all other institutions under political government He must have had in mind godly, moral and ethical people to run such a system.

Proverbs 29:2 says when the godly are in authority the people rejoice but when the wicked are in power, the people groan. Hence, for godly and righteous people to stay away from governance and to expect to rejoice is magic. The godly that refuse to participate in governance should not complain. The template or structure was set so that it would be godly people that will be in authority.

Governance is so important to God that you’ll find out that even in the bible where there were monarchical governments ruled by pagans, God installed godly people inside such governments so that He could have some influence in them. God buried Joseph in the most powerful government of his day which was the government of Egypt. Similarly, God planted Nehemiah and Moses in the palace.

Hence we cannot conclude that governance is not important to God because it’s absolutely important to God. Christians who understand the language of governance who don’t run away from that platform will always be very useful to God. Interestingly, after Christ died, it was Christ’s disciples who were in business and government who could request for His body not the apostles with all their anointing.

The church will not be as effective as it should be if all of us run away from governance thinking we are being spiritual. The platforms that shape culture as being dirty which in the actual sense are not but for the players in them. Haven’t we noticed that one government official can neutralize the effect of the prayers we’ve been praying for one year? It is time to wake up to and understand it.

Why God placed every other institution under political government may not be clearly obvious but He designed it that way in His wisdom. The reality also is that the church is not the only institution in the community. We have the educational institution, business institution, media and entertainment, science and technology which is changing the culture. We may want to consider why Jesus picked all His disciples outside the existing religious system of His day. The gospel was never designed to be confined inside church buildings. It is meant for the people out there.

It is the government that oversees all of these platforms and institutions. Hence God thought it wise to always have somebody. It could be a Joseph, a Moses, a Nehemiah, a Daniel in government per time because He takes governance seriously. When He found them there, He was able to use them and He helped them. Jesus is a priest after the order of Melchizedek and Melchizedek is described as the King of Salem; he is described as both king and priest. In Revelation 1:6 the bible says that Jesus has made us kings and priest unto our God; we’ve been very effective with the priest-side of our job but we’ve done woefully with the kingside. It is time for us to do well with the king-side; it is time for us to do well with governance.

This is a challenge to us and the next thing most likely is for us to be intimidated because there may be powerful brands and moneybags but don’t forget that God still helps Davids to takedown Goliaths. It is time to show up. Remember, you have to be able to vote, you need to become a card-carrying member of a political party; attend their meetings, and when it is time to contest for elective offices, it is time for Christians to show up. Know that faith without corresponding action is dead. We are the answers to our prayers; this is the season that dreams are coming to pass and this we believe being very sensitive to God’s timing.

We need to get involved with governance now. Angels won’t come to be our governors either member of our houses of assembly; we are the ones to show up there. All God needed from David on the day he took down Goliath was for him to show up and this is the call for us today and we’ll see a lot of Goliaths fall down before Davids who all they have will be a sling with smooth stones. Celebrating Nigeria’s independence this time is the celebration with faith that is ready to go into action.

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