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God’s Financial System

Text: Ephesians 4 : 28

By Pastor Kenny Folarin

Stealing is a bad strategy for prosperity. Ex 20 vs 15, Zachariah 5 vs 1-4 . Getting money illegitimately can cut short a person’s life. Proverb 13 vs 11.

If you are going to turn your financial situation around, you have to align with God’s system.What does it mean to steal? Stealing means to take another person’s property without permission or legal right with no intention to return it.

Why do people steal?.

✔Because they have low self esteem and have lost their sense of shame .


✔ Pressure to measure up to peers.

✔Mental Illness known as kleptomania; an irresistible impulse to steal. It is a mental condition.

✔Hunger Stealing and low self-esteem are fruits of the sin nature. Stealing is contrary to love, as children of God we have the nature of God and love means giving.

If you don’t have something you desire today, it is because you don’t need it now. God will give you when it’s your time. 2 Corinthians 10 vs 12. Your destiny is unique, your template is different. Stop comparing yourself to others. Have absolute trust in God and believe He will provide for you. James 5 vs 2.

We all need to depend on God to overcome our weaknesses. 2Corinthians 12 vs 8.You will enjoy grace in your finances like never before. You will receive financial testimony this week in Jesus Name. Amen

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