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God’s Rest

Pst. Sam Adeyemi

Hebrews 4:9-11, 1-4

Rest, as we understand it from scripture, is part and parcel of the creation story in Genesis 1. It is a foundational principle. Foundational principles are  found in Genesis 1 and 2 as they contain everything you need to know in its purest form. They’re called the two perfect chapters of the Bible. Rest shows up there.
In Genesis 1 and 2, we see the principles of creation and the principles that runs the universe. Light was in existence before the sun was created, yet it is the sun that defines time on our own planet. Why should it take God six days for creation to be completed? He doesn’t need that long! He created this planet for a being that was going to be made in His image. He had to create the being’s sphere of dominion. He took six days to teach us the law of process. Rest was introduced on the 7th day and under the law of Moses, one was stoned to death if caught working! Adam and Eve rested on the first full day they spent on this planet and worked the remaining six days. So rest is important. The first day was meant for intimacy with God. 
God’s rest is not inactivity. It marked the end of the foundational principles. Rest is that state where man downloads God’s purposes and strategies and build in alignment with God’s plans and purposes. Once you obey God and get the directions and do what God tells you to do, Heaven moves and the results are beyond human capacity as seen in John 2. The results amaze you from obeying these simple instructions that God gave you. You can either choose to run your life in your own small way or allow the ultimate intelligence to organise it for you. 
To enjoy God’s rest;
1. Prioritize intimacy with God. This involves total focus in God. Your Christianity can never grow  beyond the level of your intimacy with God. If you want to enter your rest make getting close to God your priority. Have intimate conversations with God just like we see in the Psalms about David. Dedicate time to being with God. Mark 1:35. Seek to know Him in a deep way. One instruction from God would change everything. The fact that you have not seen it is not proof that it doesn’t exist
2. Sign in for total obedience. Obey Him with absolute trust. Pass your test like Abraham. Make a commitment that 2020 will be your year of total obedience. We will smash traditions by following God’s instructions. 
Hear God for yourself and follow. You can do what another person is doing and not get the same results. Matthew 11:28-30 (MSG) says to learn the unforced rhythm of grace. 

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