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Goodbye Poverty

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Goodbye Poverty, Forever, Amen!!!
(The Quest, 3)

It was a Monday morning, like well, a Monday morning. Frank’s email was buzzing. With the recent change in Government and fuel subsidy ‘wahala’, the Ministry of labor and productivity needed to hit the ground running with these building projects. Frank had been incredible at his work in recent times and last week’s presentation topped his previous best.

Within a week, the contract was awarded to them, his promotion had been immediate, and so was the work, but the 100s of thousands added to his monthly salary, plus the bonuses that came with this new position made it all worth it.

Goodbye Poverty, forever. Amen!!!

Frank truly enjoyed his job and colleagues. It was an extremely profitable company with a lean staff strength. His Boss was also a very good man. He recalled his last conversation with him after last week’s presentation. Mr. Mark, whom they fondly called Mr. M, seemed to be speaking in parables when he told him to choose his Master wisely, and he didn’t explain any further, only telling Frank that he should never forget that as he rose through the ranks.

Right now, he had to give all his attention to this current project. It was a pregnant one, with potential to give birth to many other booming babies once the show was on the road. As Project lead, he had to interface with many other contractors in addition to the Client representatives. His company, BCM Holdings, had so many highly profitable contracts running at the same time, and Mr. M had made it clear to Frank that he was to make almost all the decisions. He trusted Frank and wanted to give his attention to other projects that truly needed him, especially the ‘Train 60’ that seemed to be going belly up, what with the frustrations coming from the Clients.

For this project, Frank was ‘large and 100% in charge’ and he had no intentions of letting Mr. M down. Thankfully, his colleagues working with him were the best of the best. What a jolly good ride this was going to be.

“Jane, please set up a Project kick-off meeting for 10am in the conference room with Tola and Samantha. Hopefully, Bryan can also join us virtually…” Frank called out to the company Receptionist.

“On it, Sir”, she replied.

And so the joyful work began.

Chyke and Fatima popped in at about 1pm on their way to lunch.

‘Omooooooooo, that drama was gooooood, Frank. I’ve been looking for a church to settle down in. I think Daystar is it for me, after that drama. Hopefully, I’ll find a correct sister there too…’ Chyke said.

‘Tor!!!”, Fatima interrupted him. “If you want to worship God, please worship God. If you’re looking for wife, Chyke, say so directly. Very soon, you’ll ask if the lead female character, Matilda is single”, and every body laughed.

“Truly though, that drama was good”, Fatima continued. “Thanks for inviting us. And congratulations again on your recent wins. Are you coming for lunch?”

“Not yet ooo”, Frank replied.

One of the contractors was coming in for an on-site meeting in 30mins and there was some paper work to be done before his arrival.

Hopefully, they would wrap up the cost for this part of the project and then they could kick off.

His team had made so much progress already and it was just Day 1. He would go for lunch afterwards.

As Fatima and Chyke went on their way, he overheard Jane asking them what drama they were talking about and he took that opportunity to tease her.

“Don’t answer her jor. I invited her ooo but she said the rain stopped her. If it was one of those Lagos parties now, she would have braved the rain and slayed too for Instagram. Anyways, you can relive the entire drama from the link I’m sending you on whatsapp. Watch it after work ooo. Hopefully, you’ll make it next year…’

‘Haha, thank you Oga. Maybe one of these days, I’ll make your midweek service too. You know Daystar is right on my way home…’ she replied.

‘Perfect. Also send me the contract for logistics. I need to sign off on it.’

And with that, Frank gave his complete attention back to that email that was open on his MacBook.

Until he was interrupted by Jay-jay, his friend, calling on his phone.

“Jay Baba….” He hailed!

To be continued…

We’re still all the shades of excited about FREEDOM DAY by Reflexions. Everything about that drama was perfect and then Pastor Boye brought it all together perfectly in that sermonette afterwards. Catch it here.

And 6pm WAT, we’re on-site at our Oregun Centre for Midweek service, and online on our YouTube channel everywhere here
We’re still on our June series ‘The Ultimate Resurrection’ and we want to leave you with our anchor scripture for this series…

“Don’t be so surprised! Indeed, the time is coming when all the dead in their graves will hear the voice of God’s Son, and they will rise again. Those who have done good will rise to experience eternal life, and those who have continued in evil will rise to experience judgment.”
‭‭John‬ ‭5‬:‭28‬-‭29‬ ‭NLT.

Benjamine Okpala,
Pastor, Daystar Online

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