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Grace For A Supernatural Lifestyle Of Praise And Gratitude.

Grace For a Supernatural Lifestyle Of Praise And Gratitude. There are some things that scripture says are not good for man. It is not good if you don’t give thanks to God, it is not good if you are living and not grateful to God.  That’s why the Bible says it is a good thing to give thanks to the lord. Ingratitude is one of the attitudes that hinder people from getting to the altitude of their life and destiny. The more you complain, the less you obtain and the more you remain in constraint. When we complain, we chase God away from us. If you want to see God work with you, you need to live in gratitude.

Some reasons why people don’t live in gratitude

  • Forgetting what God has done: Those that don’t count their blessings are those who think those blessings don’t count (Psalm 106:7,13 &21-22 AMPC). The Israelites even after so many years of enslavement and the miracles that followed their release from captivity still forgot God. Same also a  lot of believers today hastily forget where God has brought us from. Those that often forget the benefits of God often forfeit them. 
  • Focusing on many other things instead of what God has already done: If you look at all the things that God does for you on a daily basis, you will shout with praise. God is working in you and with you. 

Some factors that will help you live a lifestyle of gratitude.

  • The purpose of praise: Praise is your purpose on earth. Praise is the plan of God for your life (1 Thessalonians 5:18 TPT) You can pray amiss but you cannot praise amiss. 
  • Pardon for sin through redemption in Christ: All of us have sinned and come short of the glory of God and Jesus came to resolve the issue of sin. (Psalm 130:3-4 MSG)
  • Protection from satanic devastation and destruction: (Job 1:9-10, Psalm 91:1-4 TPT) When you understand God’s protection of your life it will give you perpetual motivation for appreciation. 
An excerpt from the sermon by Pastor Segun Dada on Wednesday, December 27, 2023

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