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Gratitude is Generosity

Pst. Kenny Folarin

1st Thess 5:18
In everything give thanks. We have said that you can not miss it by giving thanks and that gratitude is a function of focus. However bad you may think your situation is, you can always find something to be grateful for. When we take for granted what God has done for us, who God is in our lives, we lose our sense of value. When positive things happen consistently and they become normal to us we take God for granted. We, sometimes, also take some functions for granted like eating, breathing, health, food digestion etc. Attitude of gratitude is a choice. Learn to have an attitude of appreciation for everything God has done for us.

Man’s proper response to God’s giving  is thanksgiving. God is  a giver and expects us to be thanksgivers. He expects us to give Him thanks and love Him too as much as He loves us.  Romans 8:32 says He freely gives us all things to enjoy. In turn , God expects from us our thanksgiving. We must give that to Him lavishly.

Thanksgiving is a function of generosity. This season, let’s be generous in giving Him praise. When you’re generous with your thanksgiving, you will also be generous in all areas of your life. When you give thanks and praise to someone, it shows the kind of value you put on that person. If we truly value God then we must continue to thank Him. David said in Psalm 69:30 describes this. God wants us to praise Him, thank Him and appreciate Him this season.

We have all experienced God’s mercies and benevolence in one way or the other. So how would you exchange that back to God? How would you show God that you love Him and celebrate Him. Romans 8:1 describes all that God has done including our salvation. Romans 1:13.

Be grateful to God for your health, the ability to breathe freely, peace of mind, Joy of the Holy Spirit, Safety on the road and air, ability to eat etc. Romans 5:6 also shows the sacrifice of Christ on our behalf which we cannot pay for. Focus on God’s happiness too by thanking Him. 

Don’t complain and murmur rather find something to thank God for. The things we complain about, sometimes, are an offshoot of the things we had previously asked God for. Thank God for what He saved you from. Don’t focus on what is not working but on the things that have worked and still working.