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[Text: 2 Kings 4:1-7]

A miracle happened as captured in our scriptural text; the prophet Elisha after the miracle gave a prophetic instruction telling the woman to “go and sell the oil”. The miracle God did through Elisha was to give the woman something to sell. We really are in a difficult place financially when we do not have something to sell. God seeks to empower us to have something that has value that we can give in exchange for money. The prophet could have given the woman money but he did not because he did not want to break the laws of money. Money is only a means of exchange of value. Today, so many people disconnect money from the offering of value. The ability to pray is not going to excuse one from operating by the laws and principles of money. The people who get the money in town are those who have something to sell.

Looking at the passage the miracle that happened would not have changed the woman’s life if she did not have the ability to sell. The spirit of God is saying to us that so many of us have latent products and services in our lives that can meet people’s needs; services that we can render to people that can change their lives but we lack the ability to sell.

Selling is the ability to convince, persuade or influence others in participating and enjoying the value or service one has to offer that meets a need in the lives of others. The oil the woman had was a major need in her community. The ideas we have will translate to almost nothing until we have the capacity to sell. Those who have the ability to persuade or convince others always stand a better chance at succeeding.

All of us are in the business of selling but some do not cultivate their selling skills. Selling cuts across all manner of relationships. Parents are in the business of selling morals to their kids; leaders are selling visions to their followers; teachers are in the business of selling ideas or knowledge to their students and so many other examples. We sell our attitudes, values, dreams, ideas; selling happens everywhere. The word selling appears a canal word and has to do with things of this world but it’s amazing that the things of this world are right there in the bible.

Selling is a skill and can be learned. How do I have something to sell is the problem God wants to solve. God had to get the woman to take the focus away from self. He had to help her unlock the flow of what she had to offer. The prophet told her to do the unthinkable what seems senseless; using her small resource to meet a big need. With God’s involvement, you make use of small resources and it meets big needs. It’s not the size of your resource that matters but the size of the problem you want to solve with it. The moment the woman started to use the small jar of oil to fill the large jars, the miracle flow started. God will never allow one to get to the point where there is nothing in and around one’s life that he can use to move you to the next level.

There is no lack in God’s economy. However, if one lacks the vision to meet the needs or solve problems for others, such person cannot add value and hence, is qualified to be broke. In order to be successful, one has to break free from selfishness in order to activate the miracle flow. It may be a gift, talent, product or idea one has to offer but not taking trainings or working on harnessing that skill is being selfish.

Your dream to impart your world or feed others must not be a small dream. One’s vision needs to be global. We need to give God the opportunity to use us and move through us. As long as our minds are focused on personal survival, feeding, clothing; the very things Jesus said we should not worry about we cannot cash in on the power of God to work on our behalf.

The key fundamental thing to note about selling is that we have to sell ourselves before selling the products. People for instance will not buy a message until they buy the messenger. We have to be passionate about the products or services we are rendering to people. We have to be people of integrity and we have to love people genuinely. Enthusiasm is contagious and passion is very important in selling.


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