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Healing in the Covenant

By Pastor Kenny Folarin | Exodus 15: 22-26


After the children of Israel crossed the Red Sea, they went into the Wilderness of Shur and journeyed for three days without water; so, they were thirsty.

They found water in Marah but it was bitter water. So, they cried out to God and He instructed Moses to cast a tree into the water and it became sweet. Then, God made a pronouncement to them that as long as they kept His statutes, He would heal them; thus making it clear that enjoying divine health is part and parcel of the covenant He had with them. Likewise, anyone in a covenant relationship with God today has the right to enjoy sound health; we do not need to beg for it. Unfortunately, many people believe that it is impossible to live free of sickness and that sickness should be part of one’s normal lifestyle; so, they expect it during certain seasons of the year. Some even believe that God uses sickness to teach us a lesson. God has better ways of teaching us and He does not use sickness. Before Adam’s fall from grace, there was nothing called sickness. There was no sickness in the Garden of Eden. Adam and Even enjoyed sound health. The root of every sickness is sin and the root of sin is the devil himself.

As God’s people, our relationship with God is grounded in a covenant. God declared to His people that He is Jehovah Rapha, the Lord our Healer and our personal Physician. He is the One who can keep us from sickness but peradventure sickness comes, He alone can heal us (Exodus 23:25-27). Even if you have suffered from perennial sicknesses, God has made provision for your healing. If natural Israel enjoyed sound health such that there was none feeble among them; how much more should we, the spiritual Israel enjoy sound health and wealth (Psalm 105:37)?  Regardless of what the disease is called, God has promised that He will take it away (Deuteronomy 7:12-15). In the New Testament, Christ also stood on the Abrahamic covenant and healed many people who were afflicted by the devil (Luke 13:10-16). During Jesus’ walk on earth, He was constantly preaching, teaching and healing all who were oppressed of the devil. God is interested in the covenant of healing and so He established this new covenant with the blood of Jesus; not with the blood of animals.

The quality of a covenant depends on the integrity of the covenanter. God will not break His covenant with you. He has declared that He is your Healer and Restorer. He already knows what is wrong with you even before you were diagnosed and so there is no need to get worried about your health. Trust God at every point in time! We have been redeemed from the curse of the law (Galatians 3:13-14). When you remember this covenant, you will walk in divine health. Our feelings are our greatest challenge but they will come and go. They only stay when you give them a description and if you focus on them. You either believe God’s word or you believe your feelings. Christ has taken away your sickness and since He took it, you no longer have it. Choose to believe God’s word!

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