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How Are You Doing?

Pastor Solomon Kpandei

Matthew 25:36 (NLT)

The basis of separation on the final day will be your attitude towards people. One of the things that will be used to check the effectiveness of our lives is how we treat people.

The economic factor, health factor, and other factors have put people under different conditions. We need to pay attention to our neighbors. It Is important to God that we pay attention to people and visit them.

People are experiencing different challenges here and there, God expects us to reach out and stay in touch with others. Entitlement mentality can drag down those who are striving to succeed. 

You cannot detach love, visit, and companionship from Christianity. God shows up when we visit under the direction of the Holy Spirit. Because you are carrying God in you, just showing up can chase away the spirit of depression in people. This week, take out time to encourage one person, you can decide to check up one person per day.

Do not just ask questions, ask and listen. We have the tendency to believe we have special problems but others are going through similar problems as well.

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