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How you are doing (4)

Pastor Boye Oloyede

Text: Matthew 24: 35-36

In this series, we established that the basis of how we live our lives will make the difference when we stand in judgment. We also agreed that you don’t appreciate what people are going through until you visit.

We said this earlier that there will be drama on the judgment day because a lot of people don’t understand the criteria God will use to determine who enters into Heaven or not. But here in the scripture read, Jesus gave us the secret.  Here is God giving the answers before the exams. He says anyone that doesn’t care for, visit, feed, the least of His people, the vulnerable among us has failed to do unto Him.

Some people you expected to see in Heaven will not be found while some you don’t expect to see will be present. The thing that will matter before God on the judgement day will be the impact you have on others, especially those who are vulnerable. The challenge for all of us is to check up on one another.

Jesus checked on many people in His days. When He did, wonderful things happened. Every time He visited or walked on the street; miracles happened. God is only needed in the church but He is more needed outside. Let people know the love of God through you outside. Luke 19; 5 – 10

What happens when we visit people?

1.    People get closer to God. Matthew 9: 10-13.

2.    People are healed and delivered. Matt 8:14-17

3.    Financial needs are met. Matt 17:24-27

4.    People are set free from wrong traditions.

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