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In The Beginning

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Heb 11:3 (NKJV)

We’ve got to cooperate with God as co-creators, this is what it means to be created in God’s image.

To fulfill God’s mandate for birthing new things, we’ve got to do it from the standpoint of co-creators with God.

Because there are new beginnings, there’s got to be endings, we need to detach from old ways and old thinking.

You will not build for waste this year, the days for vanity building are over, all you build this year will be meaningful.

The basic material with which God supplies the earth to build is revelation.
Abraham was launched into a new beginning by revelation. Genesis 12:1-3. The revelation marked an ending for Abraham and a new beginning.

There is no future in any location or position, your future lies in revelation.

In the journey of new beginnings, God creates not only new circumstances, but He also creates a new you. Gen 17:1-4.
When you change, your circumstances will change.
We have a culture that labels people by their challenges, you are not what you have done or what you have achieved, you are who God says you are. Gen 33:27-28.
Every negative label on your life drops off.

To get creative material (revelation) from God…

✔Spend time in prayer
✔Meditate on Gods word, yield your mind to the Holy Spirit
✔Listen to prophets and be sensitive to those speaking under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit
✔ Give

As you move at heaven’s command, heaven will move on your behalf. Your ears are open to ear clearly from God this year.

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