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Inspired Parenting

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Luke 1:34

Inspired parenting means parenting that is influenced by the Spirit of God.

The Holy Spirit is interested in the birthing of every single child on Earth.

Children are not our idea; they are God’s idea. They are the primary reason for Marriage Malachi 2:15.

To raise Godly children, we need to depend on the Holy Spirit.

Points to note:

Pray for your children. Through prayers, we get revelations of their destinies.

Follow the leading of the Holy Spirit concerning decisions about your children. The environment they grow in, the schools they will attend are very important. The wrong environment can destroy a child. The ground is a great determinant in the growth of your seed. Let the Holy Spirit guide you in raising your child.

Call them what God calls them. Call them according to God’s destiny for them.

Every child has a unique destiny, don’t label them by the circumstances of their birth.

Lead your children to have a personal relationship with God. The ability to pray on their own is very important.

Shape their values for nation-building. Let us teach our children to love, to be generous and become nation builders.

Prayer – The influence of satan on any of our children is destroyed. They will not find destroyers in your family, they will find nation builders in Jesus name.

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