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It All Starts With Leadership

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  • Post published:November 25, 2023

It All Starts With Leadership. November has been nothing short of AWESOME as we have delved into the world of leadership. Trust me, you don’t want to miss out on what we’ve uncovered! If you’ve missed any of the teachings, you are in luck ’cause you can catch up on the excitement right here

If you have ever wondered how leaders become outstanding, here’s the secret ingredient to the recipe – it all kicks off with a decision. A decision to lead differently. Are you looking for a better way to achieve results, inspire your team, or improve the quality of work? Well, it all starts with leadership, and yes, that means YOU.

You don’t need a title to make a difference. All you need is to make a decision and act on it. Get stakeholders to support your decision, and ask for help when needed. I can see you making a difference.

Remember, leadership isn’t about a position; it’s about influence and making a difference.

Are you ready to make an impact? Join us this Sunday at 7 am, 9 am, or 11 am WAT at any of our services as we continue our series on “Leading differently”. We can’t wait to fellowship with you.

Stay blessed!