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Joy 2

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: John 16:20-22

One of the major characteristics of the kingdom of God is Joy. If satan takes your joy away, he takes something significant away.Rom 14:17.God puts us in right standing with Himself, changes us from the inside out and completes it with Joy.

God wants us to have joy non-stop. I Thess 5:16.Your attitude is not a gift of the Spirit, it’s a choice that you make. Sadness is too much punishment for the body and soul. Worry does not solve problems, it creates fresh ones.

Matt 6:33. Phil 4:4Time spent being sorrowful is time wasted, it is not an investment but a liability.There’s gonna be change of season but the one that changes the seasons does not change Himself, there is something for you in every season.The secret of your joy is unity with the anointed one, Jesus. Christ in you is victorious, He defeated satan on the cross.

We frustrate Christ from expressing Himself in our lives when we are sorrowful, our oneness with Christ is the secret to our joy. The branch cannot produce unless it is connected to the vine. However tough the world may be, let nothing disconnect you from the love of God.The siege over your marriage, finances, health is broken.

You and Christ are one. Whatever cannot stop God cannot stop you.John 15:1-11Revel in the knowledge of the love of God. People and circumstances will want to beat that out of you but never forget it.Maintain your connection with God through prayer and meditation on the word of God. Let the revelation flow everyday. The flow of revelation into your life is what births joy.

You cannot see things the way God does and not be happy. Don’t feed your spirit with bad news.Anything planted in your heart contrary to good new that brings you sadness is uprooted in Jesus name. God will show you new realities.

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