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Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Text: Rom 14:17 (NLT

In God’s system, it is all about right standing with God; it is about peace. When you belong to God’s system, you will understand that all things are created twice when you look around you. As long as you have the intangible, you will reproduce the tangible.

Negative situations don’t make us bitter; they make us tougher and better as Christians. There are opportunities for us in our difficulties because we are people of faith. Invisible realities are our realities. Hot water doesn’t destroy the teabag; it only aids it to bring out its potential; your situation won’t destroy you; it will help you bring out your best potential.

We are commanded in the scriptures to have joy nonstop. 1 These 5:16, Phil 4:4 (NLT) You and Jesus are one, He can’t be joyful, and you are not. Confront your situations with joy this month. Acts 16:22-26

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