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Acts 8:30-31

The major barrier for most is how to get others attention towards the critical subject that borders on their relationship with God and we’ve discovered that one of the best conversation starters is asking questions. Acts 8 captures a classic scenario but we must never lose bearing on why this is important. Jesus did certain things to help us reorder our priorities; when He said seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness for instance, He was emphasizing on priority. Concerning sharing our faith with others it is the most important thing on our priority scale. There are many other things we can do for people but all will expire in this lifetime. However, man was designed to live forever and greatest things we can do for people are the things that will last for eternity. Hence we need to be concerned what their state will be after their lifetime on earth has expired.

We need to share our faith because Christ commanded it; Mark 16:15, it was not a suggestion. He equally said if we love Him we’ll keep His commandments. Loving Jesus means loving what he loves and He loved people to the extent of sacrificing His life for people.

So much is happening in our world and the root cause of these bad happenings is sin; the original sin of Adam and Eve transferred on every human being. Hence the most foundational solution to every problem is freedom from sin and the necessity of solving this sin problem. Sin isn’t just an act but it is a nature making it a critical problem because nature predicts you; it predicts behaviour. Hence, why we share our faith in Christ is because the solution has been provided.

Questions are very important when it comes to sharing about the state of the souls of men. Jesus asked people a lot of questions and there was something powerful in His questions that cut through to people’s souls. They were questions that will make you think and reflect.

Here are some lifesaving questions we can ask to start conversations with people:

  • Do you go to church? It is a conversation starter and the person’s response will determine how you go further with the conversation. The results can be amazing; it is like doing a survey and asking customers what they want, why and how they want it.
  • Ask the person you invited how was the church service or event you invited them to. The conversation can evolve from there.
  • How far have you come in your spiritual journey? This can be a question interjected while discussing a popular and common topic with others. The word spiritual will usually jolt or throw people up and attract their attention.
  • Equally, we can say to someone, ‘I have been friends with you for a while and I have never really spoken to you about the most important thing in my life. Can I take a few minutes to do that?” This will usually get one’s attention.
  • Then one very critical question is “if you were to die now are you sure you’ll make heaven?” This is a big conversation starter.

Our core message remains the same as captured in 1 Corinthians 2; that Christ died and He rose from death and why He did it. The rest will be done by the Holy Spirit. There’s hardly anyone that will not admit the reality of the sin nature and there’s no honest person that will not admit that we don’t have the power over sin. Man has created all kinds of solutions to the sin problem but will never be able to invent a solution to cleanse sin from the human soul. However, God provided the one solution on the cross of Calvary; the blood of Jesus Christ that is powerful enough to deal with the sin issue.

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