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As 2019 elections have concluded, women in Nigeria have been challenged to take their needed positions in the Nation’s governance as Nation building can never be done without their involvement.

Rising from Daystar’s annual women of destiny conference held in Lagos, the convener, Pastor Nike Adeyemi, the Deputy Senior Pastor Daystar Christian Centre said the positions of women in Nation building is critical and cannot be ignored.

In her words, “our government at all levels must be deliberate in choosing qualified and willing to serve women to reposition this country in the right directions. We have played too much with the issues of women in our country and it is time we turn the tide around for good.”

According to her, every woman is perfectly made of God with enough potential to lead anywhere and everywhere. She believes women should not be relegated to the kitchen alone. She encouraged women across Africa to rise up to the challenge and make Africa and Nigeria proud.

On whether women should join politics, Adeyemi said women should not be limited by anything but seek to shine their lights in leading other women to prosperity.  “Gone are days when women are limited by any circumstance. This conference, with the theme LIGHT, is to encourage, challenged and push women from their pains to purpose” She stated.

Speaking on the theme, one of the guest ministers, Pastor Kimberly Jones-Pothier from Church of the Harvest in Fayetteville, Georgia, USA believes every woman should allow their lights shine even more in the midst of seeming darkness on the continent. “As a woman and a child of God, just as our heavenly father is a light so should we be. In our closet, offices, market place, God expects us to shine our light for the world to know and appreciate Him.  Therefore, there should not be any hindrance to your light shining in solving the loveless world issues” She stressed.

In her message, Pastor Toyin Poju Oyemade, from Covenant Christian Centre, Lagos said that every woman should look inward and see where she can be light to herself and others.  “Our country will be better if all of us can be determined to be the light in our society. Africa as well as Nigeria needs our light and we should at this junction move in, shine your light for the incoming generations to follow” Oyemade said.

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