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Investing in Eternity

By Pastor Kenny Folarin

Matthew 25:1-13

There is a serious consideration that we are looking into this period and it is if we are living just for today or we’re living for eternity. Are we paying close attention to the things that will happen after now? Our text speaks of two groups of people; ten virgins broke into two groups; a wise group of five and the remaining foolish group of five. They were expected to have their lamps up with enough oil in reserve while waiting for the bridegroom but the foolish group of five did not consider having oil in reserve just in case they were required to stay longer in wait for the bridegroom. They then requested from the wise to get oil from them but those ones declined, saying that it was ‘a do it yourself affair’ and they needed to buy oil for themselves. Sadly, the bridegroom arrived after they went to buy more oil; he went in with the wise and the door was shut.

One of the laws of life we must constantly have in view is the law of time perspective; which holds that the longer the time you take into consideration while planning or acting, the higher you rise; the person who plans for fifty years will be more effective and will get better results than the person who plans for fifty days. In similar token, the person going on a long journey will plan and prepare better than a person going on a short journey. Life is a marathon and not a sprint and the challenge is that most people don’t think long-term but just short-term. We can say that the wise ones are those that think long-term while the foolish ones engage in short-term thinking. Looking at antecedents, there was a time we were primarily taught about heaven and we were so heavenly conscious but earthly irrelevant. However, this changed with time and we swung to the extreme of being so earthly minded and conscious that apparently now we hardly think of eternity. Even personally, most people don’t think of life beyond death. There is a life after this life; a life after death. The truth remains that no matter our nomenclature in this life, we’ll be living forever. We need to be conscious of this at all times. Life is a temporary assignment.

Now have you considered what your experience of eternity will be? People’s experiences in eternity will be different just as people’s vacation experiences in this life are different even though they went to the same destination. Not everyone who goes to heaven will have the same experience; some will have a five-star experience while others will have less than a five-star experience. What we do now with our lives will determine the kind of experience we have in eternity. How you treat and relate with your spouse, subordinate, family members, employer, employees, children etc. will determine our experience in eternity. We’ll ultimately have different experiences and receive different rewards.

Next, we should not get unnecessarily attached to anything in this world; everything is temporary. Do you know that nothing this world offers gives lasting satisfaction and joy in any ones live? Hence, don’t get attached to them; don’t be attached to the car, shoes, clothes, sex, money, nothing material at all. The pursuit of happiness is not what life is all about. Material possession is not an accurate measure of success. You are who God says you are and not what you have. We need to assess if our pursuit is the product of short-term or long-term thinking. Do they have eternal reward and value? Never size up others by their material possessions and conclude that they are more than you.

There’s a place called heaven for the righteous and there’s a place called hell for the wicked and sinful; Luke 16:19-31. Let’s always remember that heaven and hell are real. We should learn that no one is too rich or too poor; too righteous or too wicked to escape death. From the referenced scripture we can learn that what’s more important is not how you were buried but how you’ll spend eternity. It is better to have a beneficial eternity than to have a befitting burial. The question to answer is what will your welfare be after you die. Ultimately, whether in this lifetime or hereafter, everyone will look up to God and it is better that this is done in this lifetime and not after. Now while we live, things are still flexible; we can still secure forgiveness but after death things are fixed and mercy expires. May it be that the day we’ll meet God we will be welcomed by Him saying; “well done good and faithful servant.

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