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Deuteronomy 6:4-5

Our main message is to love God and our fellow human beings. The only way to live in accordance with God’s law is to live in consonance with these two principles and by living this way; you fulfill the law of God. Our greatest duty on earth as human beings is to love God. The most important use of our lives is to love God. What God had at the back of His mind when He created us was to have a relationship; a love affair relationship with us. He created us to be part of His family.

Matthew 22:35 captures how God wants us to love Him; God expects us to love Him and He doesn’t want second place in our lives rather He wants to be first. He requires our full undivided attention. Many times what we humans want from God is His blessing but we don’t want the relationship with Him. Whereas God is saying ‘I need the relationship and you’ll get the blessing’. Let God be the reason why you live and do the things you do. Let God be the motive behind everything concerning your existence and this will be the proof and sign that you love God.

We most times get carried away by the activity of worship while God is more interested in the essence and the intention of our relationship with Him. In essence, whoever we love we think about such person all the time. God want us to love Him with our emotions even if we get to the point of shading tears; express your love to Him regardless. Also, God expects us to love Him with our physical strength. God wants our all and our best all the time. He doesn’t appreciate us giving Him our leftover time and resources.

One primary way of expressing our love for God is through our worship. Worship is derived from ‘worth-ship’ which is the worth we place on Him. Whatever we love can be measured through our giving and sacrifice and these are ways God expects us to truly love Him. The only hindrance to us not worshiping God as we ought is ourselves and the cares of this world. These things take our focus off God because we can’t serve two masters at the same time. When we are emotionally attached to things then we’ll lack the emotional resources to be intimate with God.

God is challenging us to the most important relationship in life, which is our relationship with Him. When we are intimate with God, we’ll bring forth results. The results of our intimacy will be productivity. Church isn’t the only place for us to be intimate with God; it however affords us the opportunity to receive from God and then make it a daily culture and lifestyle to be intimate with Him. Everyone likes being told that they are loved particularly from the person they love and this isn’t different with God. God wants us telling Him we love Him.

These are things we do that prove we love God: Obeying God (John 14:23); not arguing and analysing His commands. Living radically for God and willing to lay down our lives for Him; this is dreaming, living and feeling God all the time. Another proof of loving God is giving to Him. Also, if we love God we’ll love people also; 1 John 4:30.

Let’s be God lovers and not God users; wanting God’s gifts but not the giver. Get the giver first and the gift will follow. Finally, spend quality time with God and let Him know you’re in an affair and a relationship with Him. Fit Him into your schedule and let Him have priority over everything else. Let’s reorder our priorities with God.

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