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By Pastor Kenny Folarin

2 Timothy 4:6-8

We have been exploring the realities of eternity reminding ourselves that our time here in this life is just a brief interruption in eternity and when we die, it is only our body that terminates existing but out spirit and soul lives forever. This life is actually just a preparation for eternity itself and everything we do should be put in this perspective. God expects so much from us for us to enjoy what He has prepared for us in eternity. God expects us to love and anticipate His appearing. When we keep eternity in view, it has a profound impact on our values and behaviour in life here on earth; Proverbs 29:18. Let’s be aware that foresight is a critical function of wisdom. A wise person sees ahead and plans ahead hence, foresight is a critical factor of wisdom. What you see ahead, affects your behaviour. When we think beyond death it will impact and influence our value system. Is the current pursuit of your life the product of a short or long-term thinking? What you have dedicated your life to, is it of eternal consequence, will they count in eternity? Let’s be reminded that a man’s life does not consist if the abundance of things he possesses. May our lives on earth never turn out to be a waste of investment. 1 John 3:2 admonishes that everyone who hopes in Christ purifies themselves; this should be the thinking of every believer all the time.

The disciples of Jesus had the hope that they’ll attain a crown of glory from Christ hence, this helped them thrive in their faith against the obstacles they met along their paths. They had a mental picture that their life and what they are was beyond this life and hence their present-day hardship was inconsequential compared to the joy and crown they’ll receive eventually. Matthew 24 outlines the events of last day and captures importantly that no one knows the exact day and time of our Jesus Christs return hence, the need to perpetually live ready. Matthew 25 gives us the parable of the ten virgins showing how essential it is that we live ready knowing that ultimately we’ll appear before the judgment seat of Christ but we do not know the time. Our job is to live ready and prepare for the time Jesus will call us home; 2 Corinthians 5:9.

In as much as we are thinking of heaven, we cannot avoid the reality of our lives on earth right now. We should use now to make a massive investment into eternity. While here on planet earth; discovering and fulfilling our assignment on earth must be a priority. Doing the good thing is not necessarily the same thing as doing the right thing. Knowing purpose will help invest your resources such as time, money, relationships etc. rightly for eternal impact. Discovering and fulfilling our assignments should be our priorities. Next, we must walk in love and this must be a priority for us. Anything done here on planet earth will be either rewarded or destroyed eventually based on if it was rightly motivated via love or wrongly motivated. We can’t give anyone as an excuse for not working in love because everything we do will be tested by fire and they’ll either be rewarded or destroyed. Finally, sharing the gospel of Christ must equally be a priority for us; God is depending on us to get this done because we have been saved through the gospel and God wants to use us to bring salvation as well to others.

Finally, let’s re-evaluate ourselves in the light of eternity with these questions from time to time; what should I be doing now that I am not yet doing and what am I doing now that I need to stop doing? It is our prayer that when we stand before God, we’ll get the commendation, well done good and faithful servant, enter into the joy of your Lord

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