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Multiply 2019

By Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Genesis 1:28

God gave us a word for 2019 and it’s just one word ‘Multiply!’ The first pronouncement that God made on man had the word multiply in it. Multiplying is one of the steps for gaining dominion; so we need to pay attention to that word now that the Holy Spirit is emphasizing it. To multiply means to increase greatly in number or in quantity it means for you to reproduce many times over. Hence if the word multiply is part of the dominion equation, then it means that we need geometric progression to be able to fulfil our dominion mandate, not just arithmetic progression. It means that there is a place that size or quantity plays in the dominion equation. Therefore, when God says that you are multiplying in the New Year, it means that you are going to increase greatly. God has big dreams for us and those dreams are coming to pass.  In Deuteronomy 1:11; Moses told Israel that God would make them a thousand times their current size. Someone listening to this will be a thousand times your current size. In Genesis 32:9-10, Jacob testifies how he crossed the Jordan with just his staff but he returned with two companies. The covenant that we have with God is a covenant of multiplication. The days of stagnation are over. God word to you in 2019 is that you are growing in size. Don’t despise your days of small beginnings because God is creating out of it a testimony.

It’s amazing that when God created our world and especially Man, He worked the capacity for multiplying into the resources that He prepared for man. Genesis 1:29 draws man’s attention to the investments that He had provided. What God did was to walk into the future and collapse all the resources man would ever need into the first sets of seeds He created at the beginning and just by planting the seeds more and more will be created. God worked the capacity for multiplication into nature when He created us. We need to pay attention to the seeds, the resources that God has provided for us. I prophesy the name of Jesus Christ that in 2019, you will be exceedingly fruitful; you will be exceedingly productive; you will experience enlargement and your status will change.

My observation is that when God’s people activate their multiplying power, the devil is threatened; your increase is a threat to the enemy; he actively works to contain or to limit you. Some of us have been fighting battles of containment, we may not have been able to define it, you’re sensing that you’re bigger than this; and that by now you should have gone further than this. You make attempts and it’s like there is resistance; it’s not something, it is someone actively working against your ability to multiply because your capacity for dominion is tied to that ability for multiplication; Exodus 1:8-10. In 2019, you will win every battle of containment; everything the enemy may have invented to limit you will fail because you have an anointing for expansion and enlargement in this New Year; Jeremiah 30:16-19. Even though the devil wants you contained, I prophesy that he has failed upfront. The enemy is not other human beings; our enemies are spiritual. We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against principalities and powers, rulers of the darkness of this world wicked spirits in the heavenly realms. You were promoted to a new position, then war broke out, trouble started; God changed your physical location and trouble started, it’s all a war of containment. I declare once again up front, the devil has failed and God is saying where you were an outcast God is turning your shame to fame. Whatever was taken away will be restored. When God has purposed a thing nobody can annul it. In 2019, you are finding alignment with destiny and out of us will proceed thanksgiving; you will be in celebration mode; before you’re done celebrating one promotion another one will come. This is your year of big breakthroughs.

When you think of the multiplication of the seed you can’t but think power; there is an invisible force that breaks up the seed and brings out something that never existed before. What we have coming is evolution. Some people that thought they knew you will realize they never knew you. There are dimensions to your life that are coming into existence in 2019 that will make you a wonder and amazement too many; Psalm 107:33-38.

However, we need to prepare because what God has prepared for us is so huge, it can make some of us derail. A lot of people who pray for breakthrough don’t know what they’re praying for; that the breakthrough comes with capacity for a breakdown; Deuteronomy 8:11-14. Don’t forget God after the breakthrough, please learn how to manage success before you experience it. The danger here is pride; that the success God is making happen in your life may begin to shift your sense of identity, it may begin to impact on your self-esteem by massaging and blowing up your ego; you will begin to overestimate yourself; your dependence on God will begin to diminish and your prayer will reduce because the things you would have prayed for before, now you have money to deal with them. So instead of praying, you’ll rather write a cheque. Humility is critical. Don’t forget God. Remember that whoever invented multiplication, also invented division. May the Spirit of God will give us meekness in the name of Jesus Christ.

2 Corinthians 9:10-11 show that the purpose of the multiplication is for liberality. The weakness of human nature is that when we achieve big results through God’s grace, people give us the credit, we begin to seem to people to be special human beings, they treat us like that and then we get proud; we begin to teach the seven steps, the five ways and the three phases to success whereas if we’ll be truthful, there were 20 steps we took and nothing happened. This is where we need to be careful. God’s blessed us so we can be liberal and generous and solve problems for others; Acts 10:38. Our multiplication is to increase our capacity to add value, influence and transform our world for good; because of your multiplication hunger will be eradicated from somebody’s life; because of your multiplication sicknesses and diseases will be destroyed over some people’s lives; because of your multiplication death will see some people and be helpless; because of your multiplication ignorance will be destroyed from some people’s lives; some child who would not have gone to school will be able to get some education because of your multiplication.  Once you agree to partner with God in this multiplication business, I welcome you to a new dimension you have never experienced before. 2019 is going to be the best you have lived until now.

The most potent seed is the word of God; a revelation. In 2019, you will hear things you have never heard before; your spiritual ears are open; you will see things you never saw before; you will get dreams you never got before, and those dreams are going to come from God. Wisdom is going to come to you easy; the days of confusion are over. When you need to know it, you’ll know exactly the next thing to do. One small step you take in obedience to God will bring big results.  Your life will be proof that the grace of God is real. Your results will be beyond the capacity of your actions; it will be beyond the capacity of your efforts. What should have killed you will see you and be powerless. The days of being small are over forever.

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