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Acts 1:8

Love is not just talking but it is practical action taken to get one out of the line of danger with urgency or meeting a pressing need for someone urgently. One subject that compels us to act with urgency to meet the needs of others is the reality of life after death. There are many things we can do to help people in our world but nothing compares to their life’s destination after death. Interestingly, after death decisions cannot be made anymore; Hebrews 9:27. If we really want to touch people’s lives in a far reaching way, then we should bother more about making an impact on them for eternity than just for time. Therefore, when we think of how to impact people’s lives, we must think not just an impact that will be felt just in this lifetime but something that goes beyond this lifetime.

When we think of eternity one thing is clear, hell and heaven are real. Jesus told a story of a rich man and Lazarus who was a sickly poor man and the touching part to the story is that both the rich man and Lazarus died ultimately. It shows a certain end for everyone; someday our time here will expire. We will transcend this life to another sphere of life but our lives here will determine what the life hereafter will be.

Some people are fixated on notions such as ‘what if there’s no heaven and things just all come to an end after one dies?’ The flip side to the question is to ask ‘what if you die and then realize that you’re still alive?’ The only person who can accurately tell us of both life now and after death is the person who has experienced both and He is Christ. In Christ’s story both the rich man and poor man continued to exist after death. Furthermore, after death we don’t lose our memories.

When we realize how fleeting life is; how one could be alive today and gone tomorrow it will then be obvious how urgent it is to discuss with people what will happen to them after now. People’s experiences now are temporary however, when we cross to the other side, some people’s problems will become permanent and worse than whatever they think the problem is now. Some are so engrossed with this present live that eternity never crosses their minds. It is never too early to raise this subject with people about the state of their souls whether young or old. We need to bring in that urgency to snatch people from a godless eternity.

The starting point on this journey is our ability to tell our story. We have a story to tell because when we received forgiveness from God our lives changed and we can tell someone about this and that’s all Jesus would have us do. Sin is man’s greatest problem but many don’t know or haven’t acknowledged it yet and we have a story to tell to help them understand that that is the real issue.

It is good for us to share the good news to people one to one. There’s a lot that is at stake and it is a matter of urgency. Jesus spoke to people one on one; Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman and the like were part of the one on one encounter with Jesus. Now, how do we go about this? We need the intervention of the Holy Spirit because no one else has the power to change another human being. The Holy Spirit is the principal agent who convicts people of sin. Our business is to open up the conversation and the Holy Spirit will do what He needs to do. We need to be filled with the Holy Spirit to carry out our part. However, that power may be wasted if we’re not making friends with people in the community. If we aren’t conscious, after becoming Christians, all our friends will equally become Christians hence, we need to consciously breakout to reach others. We need to start conversations with people in the community and one of the best ways to start conversations is to ask questions. We can start conversations with strangers if we know how to ask the right questions.

When we’re filled with the Holy Spirit and we pray for people to experience Christ, the Holy Spirit creates the opportunities and these are the best. When you have opportunities created by God, it makes it easy. Let’s ask and receive the infilling of the Holy Spirit to share the good new people around us with urgency.

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