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Power in the House

Acts 5:42
Service is our pathway to greatness and the house fellowship presents a platform for service. In the New Testament, the anointing of the Holy Spirit has been franchised as compared to the Old Testament where someone was anointed to be king or priest or prophet. The anointing has now been released and every believer is a minister in the New Testament dispensation. Hence, the temple became too small for the expression of the gifts of the Holy Spirit through the lives of believers.
Consequently, we see a new structure evolve for ministry; the house to house model of ministry. Looking through the gospels, we see that Jesus carried lot of ministry in people’s homes; Mark 1:29-31 (NLT); Matthew 9:10-13.
Jesus visited with tax collectors and sinners in homes; these were people who did dare to go near the temple because they’ll be excommunicated by the Pharisees and the Scribes. When Jesus came and saw the existing religious structure, He sidestepped it; He went to somebody’s house, hence the people that wouldn’t come to the temple found it comfortable to converge in someone’s house. The scribes and Pharisees came there as well and were angry and complained that Christ was mingling with tax collectors and sinners.
Jesus knowing their thoughts addressed them that the people that are well don’t need a doctor; that he did not come to call the righteous but for sinners and since they have been banished from the temple it becomes necessary to go and meet them where they are.
The same structure is what’s evolving today. We Christians think we own Jesus, and we are taking things back to the temple structure where anyone who doesn’t know Jesus yet is uncomfortable. Jesus must be taken out to places where people will find it comfortable to come and hangout with Him. Our own data shows that we see more people give their lives to Jesus via our small groups than in our main church services; approximately three or four times more.
A lot of Jesus’s miracles occurred in people’s homes. We should also be aware that the outpouring of the Holy Spirit at Pentecost didn’t happen in the temple either but it happened in somebody’s home and this is very significant. The preaching of the gospel is designed to be an every home invasion program. We should equally be aware that satan also has an every home invasion strategy; Acts 8:3. Paul was filled with the Holy Spirit and launched into ministry at someone’s house; Acts 9:17. We don’t know how many currently in our country who are in a state like Paul was. Let’s do ministry God’s way and using our homes as platforms for God to use.
Acts 20:17-21 shows how Paul did ministry after being converted; the New Testament model of ministry is publicly and from house to house. The Holy Spirit is calling us to this structure of ministry while we give Him the opportunity to reach people in an open ended system with no limits. How many people can we take into our service units in church? The numbers are limited whereas when it comes to doing ministry via people’s homes, there is no limit until we’ve exhausted every house in the city. People who put down their houses in Daystar know that God blesses them for it because they a granting God the opportunity to touch the lives of people within their neighbourhood.
In the Old Testament, when they were looking for a place to dump the ark of God’s covenant, Obed-edom offered his home and his household was blessed for it. Now, God’s presence is not in one location anymore but everywhere and if we allow our homes as platforms for changing people’s lives, He has a promise that when I see the blood, I’ll pass over you. Evil will pass over you and your household while God’s blessings and promotion will overtake you. You can offer your space to be used no matter how small it is by sending a mail to smallgroups@daystarng.org.

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