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Prayer: Communication with God (2)

Matthew 6:7-13

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

When you have two kids, they can’t be the same. The way they communicate with you would be according to their personalities. The God that created us with diversity Himself, does not expect every single person to pray exactly the same way! When two people are in a relationship, they love each other and desire to be in each other’s presence when they’re not together. That should be the starting point for a Christian. Do you desire or long for God’s presence? If you’re not sensing a desire to be with God as a Christian then something is missing. God loved you from the beginning. He made man for fellowship.

We emphasized last week that the foundation for prayer is a relationship because prayer is simply communication with God. Communication is the lifeblood of a relationship. For many people, prayer connotes the work or activities we have to do for God to do what we want Him to do. The emphasis, however, has to be on the relationship. No two relationships are the same that’s why each person’s relationship with God is unique so it’s a bit difficult to create a formula for prayer or some strict rules. 

You’re God’s object of love. That’s why God sent His Son to reconcile us to Himself as seen in 2nd Cor. 5:16-18.  In Mark 1:35, we see how God prayed and how we’ve tried to create structures out of that but for Jesus it wasn’t a structure. He just enjoyed to be with God.

Some people don’t believe that you’re praying yet until they hear you loud and clear.  But…When we talk to our parents we don’t shout. Jesus warned us to be careful that we don’t pray as the heathen do because of vain repetitions.
In Ephesians 3:20 we see ‘think’ placed on the same platform with ‘act’. God, our Father, doesn’t have human ears. He has the capacity to hear what we think. What makes a word prayer? It’s simply words and thoughts directed towards God. 
What will prayer produce in our lives?

1. Prayer deepens a relationship with God: Proximity is the key to impact. If you don’t hang around someone, you can’t know them. You can’t rub off on them and they can’t rub off on you. Prayer births intimacy with God.  We see this in Exodus 33:12-19. Prayer is a conversation. It’s not a monologue, it’s a dialogue. Moses here is pushing the boundaries. When you walk with God, you know Him. 

2. Prayer births revelation: When you speak with God nothing happens but when He speaks with you power flows. If prayer is going to birth revelation, then you have to learn to listen. If you’re going to enjoy your prayer life, there will be times you need to keep shut. There are four dimensions to communication; speaking, reading, writing and the fourth one is listening. Listening is a big part of communication. If you don’t listen right, you won’t speak right. When you hangout with God long enough, you’d be able to recognize His voice. 

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