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Prayer: Communication with God Part (3)

Matthew 6:7-13

Pastor Kenny Folarin
We have established a fact that prayer is communication with God, it is based on our  relationship with Him.  It is a conversation, an interaction between two people. This is what God wants from everyone of us. In Prov. 16:8 we see that God likes to hear our voices and He wants us to cultivate a relationship with Him. God doesn’t want us to turn Him into a money-making machine; we approach Him only when we need supplies. He doesn’t want us to use Him as a talisman; to achieve our goals and objectives whenever we need Him! He is a person so He wants us to be close to Him.  God wants us to cultivate and enjoy our relationship with Him.

Seek God, pursue a relationship, don’t just be interested in the gifts and the blessing of God, also be interested in the Giver. When you get the Giver, you get the gift! 
We have also learnt that prayer deepens our relationship with God. It helps us to birth revelation as God shares His perspective with us. Every time we’re in communion with God, God shares with us His Mind and His perspective about things that have happened in our lives and we see things the way God would see them and thus we respond better and differently. 

Prayer also produces brokenness. In Psalms 51:7-10, we see that in God’s presence, we are always confronted with our sinfulness and our powerlessness. We’re vulnerable and open before Him. Prayer produces brokenness in us, we loose confidence in our abilities. In the place of prayer we give up our schemes, we trust God more and then miracle happens. You see your humanity and reach out for His divinity. 

Jacob believes He could do everything himself. Even when God tried to help him, he was trying to outwit God. Sometimes, we do this. We try to outsmart God. We go to God only as a last resort. We don’t think that we should go to God in humility in the place of prayer. When Jacob got to his weak state, he cried out to God for help and God stepped him, changes his name and circumstance.

The more we trust in our confidence and abilities, the less we pray but the more you trust in God, the more you pray. Prayer brings to the point where you absolutely believe that God is the ultimate and He rules in the affairs of men.  In 2nd Cor. 12:9-10,  we see that our prayers always should be “Lord, let your will be done as it is in heaven”. 
God always responds to His will. Don’t trust in yourself or resources, trust more in God. Even when you think you know what to do, God’s wisdom will always supercede your own wisdom.

Prayer also produces power. James 5:16 we see that we can cooperate with God to make things happen on earth. The heavens always rule over the earth. And when we pray, we cooperate with God to bring heaven down. 
Elijah discovered God’s plans through prayers and received what to say. By the help of God, He shaped the economy of the nation and directed the attention of the people to God. Elijah wasn’t an extraordinary guy, he was human like us. However, Elijah went beyond human ability through communion with God to rule and to take charge of the affairs of this world and he became an amazement. 

Anytime we pray, we produce power. When God is on your side, there’s no decision that is final concerning you. With prayer, the situation can be turned around. We can also agree with other believers in prayer. Whenever we do that, power is multiplied as seen in Matthew 18:18-20. It’s called the power of synergy. There’s power in corporate prayer. When we collectively come together to pray, power flow in the place of prayer. Couples and families should also pray together.

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