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Prayer and The Good news

Acts 4: 29

Pastor Kenny Folarin

Sharing the good news is one of Christ’s commands to us as believers. We are commanded to go into the world and share the good news of the Kingdom to all men according to Mark 16: 15. This is the mandate for all Christians. This is the heartbeat of God and all the times God is interested in this singular assignment.

According to 1Timothy 2: 3, it is God’s desire, intent and purpose for all men to be saved and come to the knowledge of the truth. Many people are living in ignorance today. Truth is very scarce. There are all kinds of fake and bad news all over but the good news is what people need. As believers, we have the assignment from God to share and spread the good news.

The most beautiful thing is seeing a human being encounters Jesus. Seeing a human life break free from the control of sin and Satan is a great thing. For all who have experienced this new light, it is always a different experience. Someone said, Jesus Christ is a gift with a lift.When Jesus comes into your life, He lifts you up. He moves you from where you are to where you truly should be. He accelerates your life for good. When Jesus comes into a life, He turns such around, gives all changes desired.

We established earlier that soul winning is a process of sharing the good news that man can receive forgiveness through Christ. It is a spiritual warfare. We are aware already that we all need the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to share the gospel of the kingdom. There is an intense struggle for souls of human beings between the kingdom of darkness and light. Devil fights daily to ensure no man comes into the kingdom of God. We all as believers must be aware of this fact. No one come to Christ except God draws the person. It takes the power of God and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit to experience a true transformation in a person’s life. This is why prayer becomes the principal requirement to generating a supernatural empowerment of the Holy Spirit. We have got to pray for the salvation of men because devil is trying to keep the souls of men under perpetual bondage.

Why is prayer important to the good news?

  1. We need to pray to receive the empowerment of the Holy Spirit with His power in demonstration. Luke 3: 21Christ did this during His earthly ministry. There is a distinct personality who bears responsibility of actively transforming human lives from the inside out. This personality is the person of the Holy Spirit. Acts 10: 38, the Holy Spirit is the instrument of transformation.
  2. We also need to pray for God to give us supernatural motivation to share the good news. According to Matthew 9: 37, we need divine motivation to launch out and share the good news we have experienced with others too. It is the Holy Spirit that shows us the opportunities where to share the goodnews. Soul winning is an extension of our lives and responsibilities as Christians. I Corinthians’ 9: 16
  3. We need prayer so that Satan’s veil on the souls of men can be removed. It takes prayers to remove Satan’s covering on the unsaved.  You can only believe when you have revelation of the truth. Satan blinded men’s minds from seeing the kingdom of God as a place they should enter. 11 Corinthian 4: 3 many don’t believe because their minds have been blinded by the devil. People will not come to Christ except there is a conviction of the Holy Spirit. Until the Holy Spirit convicts you on the inside, you cannot be convinced outside.
  4. We also need to pray that Holy Spirit helps us to create and recognize opportunities to share the goodnews, Colossian 4: 2. Holy Spirit knows the best time, opportunities and chance to preach to the unsaved.
  5. We pray with the help of the Holy Spirit. Romans 8: 26. Preaching the gospel is more than speaking excellently, it is about the anointing of God on your speech. Strategy is good. But if it is without the Holy Spirit is nothing. But the Holy Spirit helps our infirmities. You can only generate the power of the Holy Spirit by praying earnestly and persistently for the people we love. Before you speak to people about God, speak to God about them.


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