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Prioritizing The Presence of God

Pastor Nike Adeyemi

Text: Luke 10:38-42

Spending time with God Is everything. It is receiving strength, it is receiving the words from His mouth, it is renewing, it is restorative being in His presence. The Holy Spirit is gentle, He doesn’t pressure us. Go after the presence of God, savour the presence of God. When we spend time in the presence of God, we are less frustrated, He doesn’t pressure us to do things, He encourages us. Jesus wants us to go tenaciously after Him and to hold unto Him.

Don’t let the crowd take you off from the presence of God. Jesus shouldn’t be our last option, be in the presence of God when there is no trouble. God is there with you, cry out to Him. There is noise everywhere, the crowd, distractions can be found everywhere but we must stay put in the presence of God.

How have you moved God, in pressing for His presence? In connecting with Him? Wake up each day and thank God, open your hearts, meditate and acknowledge Him. Touch the Lord by believing in Him, by being hungry for his presence. God’s presence is everything, it is the game-changer.

Everything that will distract us; the crowd, the noise, internal, external, social media from having that quality time with God will be taken away from us in Jesus’ name.

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