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Prospering God’s Way (3)

Pastor Kenny Folarin

Luke 5:4-9
We have said in this series that the key to our financial rest is for us to hear God and obey His voice. When you do this, you experience financial fortune. Don’t run around out of panic or fear. Settle down with revelation. One instruction from God can give you a breakthrough for life. When you receive these revelations, apply them and see them at God’s Rhema to you. Whatever God tells you to do just do it. 2nd Chronicles 20:20

Revelation knowledge is superior to sense knowledge. 

How to Manage Money cont’d
5. Continue to obey God after your breakthrough has come. Don’t let your net worth determine your self-worth. As a child of God you must prioritize God over money. Luke 16:13 Don’t let money shape your decision and your values. Let your decisions be shaped by your values and God. You must all yourself “will money be master or servant in your life? Luke 12:15. John 16:7 Whatever brought the breakthrough is what will sustain it. 

6. God will empower you to meet people’s needs. You must sell something.  Meet people’s needs on a large scale. Sell something, render a service.  The purpose of the anointing is to solve problems. 2nd Kings 4:7. To solve problems you must develop skills to serve people with excellence. Cultivate and develop yourself in your field of expertise. Prov 22:29 shows that it’s a matter of competence. 

7. Have a spending plan/budget and stick to it. If you want to win in real life you have to plan. Luke 14:28  Planning creates order and order creates increase. Plan your income and your expenses. 

8. Don’t spend everything except you’re under Divine instruction to to that. Prov. 21:20 lf you’re expense is equal to your income, you can’t create wealth on a sustainable basis. You must curb your appetite and deal with waste.

9. Multiply your money. You must invest and increase wealth. Money flows from those who can’t manage it will to those who can as seen in Matthew 25: 29.

10. As God prospers you, take good care of your family. 1st Timothy 5:8. This is non negotiable
The question now is what is God asking you to do about your finances today? One word from God that you take heed to would turn your financial fortune around. Remember, whatever  He tells you to do, do it.

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