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Prospering God’s Way

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Luke 5:4-6
To enjoy rest in terms of our finances and provisionally, let’s follow the same foundational principles of rest. Hebrews 4:9 shows that the rest is the alignment with God. God has done all the work and has planned everything from start to finish, it’s just for us to find the alignment. You find the alignment through revelation. God speaks to us, we do what He says, He shows us something and we do what He shows us and heaven just expresses it in the physical realm. Our results are God-sized results. 

The basic formula to enjoy rest is to hear God and obey Him. If you’re going to prosper God’s way, you are going to start from the attitudinal dimension. You need to have a deep ideological, Spiritual foundation for what you’re doing. 
The first thing is to believe that you’re rich already. You look at the story of creation. What do you see? God created provision before the man. Man met everything he’d ever need on this planet. Line up your thinking and attitude with God’s word. You need to learn to access what is yours already. 2nd Cor. 8:9 shows the work of substitution that happened on the cross where we are black to the plan that we fell from in Eden. What you believe is what you become. Ephesians 1:3 Only Satan’s deception can make a prosperous person see himself or herself as poor. Having a poverty mindset is the reason why God swore that Israel will never enter the promised land. Church is not a congregation of poor people. We’re wealthy people learning how to access our wealth.

Secondly, prioritize revelation and intangible wealth; hearing from God and obeying His instructions. Matthew 6:24-33. Don’t be consumed by the pursuit of money. Hear God and obey Him. Instead of worrying, ask the Father what you should do. Jesus is in the house, your worrying is a waste. The more you worry about money, the more it runs from you. Put God first. Don’t behave as if God doesn’t know that you have needs. Put God at the centre. You didn’t design your life, God did. Let it be about Him. 

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