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The pursuit of wisdom (2)

Mark 6:2

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Wisdom like we have said knows what to do to get the best outcomes in a situation. Jesus knew what to do, and he knew the best result to get and how to get it. This made everybody concluded; that He had wisdom.

Everyone tied the result Jesus produced to wisdom but the question was what type of wisdom is this that is given to him? A question like how and where do we get wisdom from is being asked.  Job 28:1 shows a powerful discuss on where wisdom comes from. We know where to get gold, silver, iron ore and other natural resources but where do we get wisdom from? Job in exploring different places told us that it cannot be purchased with gold or weighed for silver or any other precious stone or exchanged for jewelries. The price of wisdom is above rubies.

From what we said the last week, we must value wisdom. Once you have anything on this planet that is more important to you than wisdom, you will trade wisdom for such inferior stuff. Some people trade the opportunity to get wisdom for the opportunity to get money. In other words, you can get money and become foolish in the process.

God is the ultimate source of wisdom and that is why he has chosen that in the last days when the world will be facing difficult situations, He would decorate the church with wisdom. We established salvation to be the first principal root to wisdom last week, the fear of God and departing from evil. The root of man’s foolishness is the sin nature.  Acquire God’s nature and you will be amazed. When His life, Zoe the quality of life that flows in God’s begins to flow in your being, it will animate your system.

When the life of God is working in you, it will enlarge your capacity to capture things you could not capture on a normal day. Never equate knowledge with wisdom, there are lots of brilliant people making poor choices and suffering the consequences.  You cannot have wisdom without having knowledge. Wisdom is the application of knowledge for the achievement of the best result you can get from a particular situation.

Jesus said there’s a way that is broad, there are many people travelling on it but it leads to destruction. Also there is the narrow where a few can travel, that’s the one that leads to life. That something is popular or generally acceptable does not make it right. And you will notice the one that is usually the fact is the one that is easy. There is a dimension to wisdom going around our world right now that is demonic, inspired by the devil.

Where envy and self-seeking exist, confusion and every evil thing are there. Anything that promises you that you can enjoy yourself as much as you want, break God’s law as much as you want, that right and wrong are relative is always appealing but at the end of the day, you will find out that there is a lot of self-seeking involved and then before long, because the parameter for measuring success are defective in the first place, you will have a lot of envy. People will be comparing themselves with themselves. This is a major cause of depression in our world right now, people measuring up to impossible standards. 11 Corinthians 10:12.

What God has design to be yours will not elude you. Be humble enough to ask for wisdom through prayer; don’t mix God with somebody else. The wisdom that is from above is pure, full of mercy and without hypocrisy. James 1:5. If you want to put your trust in God, put your trust in him. God answers prayers.


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