Daystar Christian Centre exists to raise role models in the society and across the globe.



Raising Role Models

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

2 Peter 1:16-19 (KJV)

One thing we have emphasized over and over is that Daystar Christian Centre is not the product of man’s idea; it is God’s idea. It is the product of a revelation we received in July 1994; God said we build a church where people will discover their potentials, develop those potentials and then release them in such a way that others will want to become like them. We knew we were called to raise leaders; called to raise role models. The vision of Daystar is not about buildings but about people. It is about raising a particular kind of people; we call the role models.

A role model is someone whose attitude, behaviour or success can be emulated by others. It also means being someone that others aspire to be like. The question now is, how do you know when someone has become a role model? The ultimate role model for us is Jesus Christ. It is just God’s wisdom that He’ll put one of the descriptions of Christ in the name of our church because the Daystar in our text 2 Peter 1:19 refers to Christ. Jesus Christ is the ultimate role model; He is the role model husband, role model wife, role model parent, role model child, role model employer, role model employee etc. In God’s wisdom, the solution to this world’s problems is to have Jesus Christ everywhere. Jesus Christ is the ideal parent; child, employer, employee, citizen, landlord, tenant, senator, governor, president etc. just imagine Jesus being the president of Nigeria.

The Daystar vision is fulfilled as each one of us becomes like Christ every day; as we make progress daily to become like Christ. That is the essence of every church and the essence of Christianity. Whichever way you may express the vision of a church; the ultimate in Christianity is for the Christian to become exactly like Christ; Galatians 4:19. God’s work in the church is fulfilled as each person in the church becomes like Christ.

Our ultimate quest is to develop the character, the competence and the influence of Christ. Developing the character of Christ entails developing the capacity to love; the capacity to be kind, generous, self-sacrificing, humble etc. like Christ. If anyone told you it was about acquiring material possession or otherwise, then, the person deceived you. We have a big problem in our hands if the measure of the success of a Christian is in the material possession we have. Imagine Christ being your governor; will He take a bribe? In God’s design, it becomes obvious that if you could get someone like Christ as your governor then you should get good results. It is only having a good character that gives you sustainable success with time.

Moreso, we need to develop the competence of Christ; the capacity to solve problems and meet needs like Christ. We need to continually learn and study as we grow. It is impressive to see Daystar members continually aspire to improve by learning and studying to become better.

Next, we need to develop the influence of Christ. When we model after Christ, we’ll kill selfishness because Christ didn’t live for Himself. Through service, Christ affected the lives of many. We can’t think like Christ and be overwhelmed or believe that something is impossible. Having the influence of Christ, we should be affecting other lives like Christ.

After being saved from sin and being filled with the Holy Spirit, the transformation of your mind is the next most critical factor to your transformation. This may not sound as good news to an African who generally may not like mental exertion; he would rather you focus on prayer and fasting not because prayer and fasting aren’t important but it has become an escape route to throw the responsibility on God. The African Christian must wake up; anyone who doesn’t think cannot lead this continent out of underdevelopment. Hence, Daystar is producing thinking Christians because the prayer and fasting should us to access wisdom from God to function at a higher level; Ephesians 4:22-24. We can never rise beyond the level of our thinking. The connection between the physical and spiritual is the mind; it is the conversion platform; Romans 12:2. Altering our thoughts alters our lives. Also, we understood the importance of money in the lives of people and how its presence or absence shapes people’s thoughts. You cannot be financially corrupt and expect God to use you as a role model. God has made provisions in Daystar, let’s key into them; gather the revelation seeds God has given us and plant them in the soil of your spirit and let them produce results for you. We have equally practically taught on managing our sexual urges according to the standards of the One who designed it. As a Daystar member, run away from pornography because it will prime you to make mistakes and you want to be having sex, then get married. Also, we have core values; righteousness, excellence, accountability, love and the new one, innovation. Finally, you must have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. The question then is are you a role model? Are you active in the service of raising role models?

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