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Re-invention (2)

Pastor Kenny Folarin

Luke 5:38-39.

Jesus said that most people who have tasted the old wine resist the new wine. That is Human nature. Human nature prefers to maintain status quo. We are all like that because that is our nature. This is why sometimes the greatest enemy of success is progress. We have to be mindful of this and we have to work against this tendency if we will not be stuck or stranded.

The pace of change is accelerating rapidly today in our world. The world is evolving on a daily basis and one constant thing you find everywhere and in every place is the word “change” and the truth is you will not grow in life unless you embrace this word. It doesn’t matter whether you like it or embrace it but change will always come. 

Change is the only constant thing and it is inevitable in life. Your ability to reinvent yourself and be relevant he’s going to be the key to your success and to your survival. no matter how hard you try to prevent things from happening,  some things will never be the same again. It is true that reinvention is scary and hard to do but at the same time it is wonderful and very exciting. This teaching is to prepare us for the season that we have found ourselves so we can also maximize the opportunities that are emerging from this global pandemic. so we’ll be doing a lot of reflecting, rethinking and reimagining again of the next level that God is going to take us into. 

Why is reinvention important?
1. Reinvention is important because we are all designed to evolve. We are designed for growth, metamorphosis.  God has not designed you to be static and to be on the same spot. From Romans 12:2, we see that your life is designed to be making progress and moving forward all the time. This is not the best version of you because there is greatness and so much potentials inside of you and there is so much that God has put in you that we have not seen. Hebrews 5:11-12

2. The environment is changing. Pay close attention to the economy to technology and to the various policies that are coming out today. Jobs are being wiped out and new ones are emerging. The Digital Revolution is changing how we live and work today and this is why we have to learn new skills for the jobs we have to do. Seasons do not last for ever. You can’t have summer or winter all through the year.   Seasons will come and go. Daniel 2:21. if you do not change you will get out of fit with the environment and with God’s agenda for your life. This  is why we have to  remain more fluid acquire new skills, explore new ways of doing things, develop new network of relationships in this season. Don’t be a victim of change instead change to move to the next level. The process of change will come but you have to look to the opportunity and redefine yourself. 

3. People and organisations are growing around you and the job landscape is changing everyday. Technology and necessity have taken over, destroyed and created new jobs and different ways for us to succeed in life. Human nature craves for new experience. 

4. Your own life is changing and so this is why reinvention is important. You’re married,  God has given you children,  you’re experiencing promotion at work and things are happening in your life on a daily basis and you’re making adjustments. Some were,  single before now they’re married some had no kids before now they have kids so it’s necessary to make some adjustments. Some people have lost their jobs some are experiencing pay cuts right now, some have lost loved ones and all of these things would require a restructuring of your life. being able to reinvent yourself will help you to create a new beginning. Don’t hold onto the past because all things who create old results. Isaiah 43:19.

A river does not stay still. Every time you step into a river what you see is a different river. You and I are like that river. You I don’t move forward or you freeze like ice. You have got to be moving forward. It is too early to arrive or to be stuck and settle wherever you are right now. You need to constantly scan your environment and ask yourself what next an embrace the process. if you do not take control of the changes in your environment, the changes will control you. Wise people would always initiate change. 

Reinvention must become a habit if you’re going to survive and thrive in your personal life and in your professional life. 

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