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Reinvention (3)

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Luke 5: 38-39

Renewal happens because that’s the way God designed it. God designed our world for renewal that’s why we have a new day every 24 hours, a new week every seven days, a new month, a new year, a new decade. Our world is designed for renewal. Even birds shed their feathers to grow new ones. Snakes shed their skins. Trees shed their leaves and grow new ones in a new season. Life is for renewal, it’s for getting better because we are designed for evolution. The process, however, is frustrating for most people. Human nature resists the new because it creates insecurity. 

In John 12:24-25 Jesus was doing a lot of miracles but he was still functioning under the covenant that God had with Abraham. he was only the Descendants of Abraham and had the right to enjoy these blessings from His ministry at that time. But after His death and Resurrection,the plan of God will be complete and salvation will be available for the whole world. Greeks and non-jews came to see Jesus. they were pressing him and wanted to experience his ministry.  he realised that he could not reach them under the current state he had to transmute into another state for that to happen. So Jesus was talking about Himself when he said unless a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains the way it is but if it dies it translates into something that has never existed before and it is something bigger than it ever was. 

Dying is risky. You need the courage to take risks. Having the capacity to take risks in obeying God. This means total obedience to God at the risk of losing your life. A lot of people are stranded they become stagnant and they refuse to move on in their lives simply because they are unable to take the risk. Moving to the next level and reinventing involves risk. 

Factors that influence the invention process
1. Revelation: This is a foundation for a invention. It all starts from a vision from God. When God calls you something, that new person he calls is created. Instantly becomes a spiritual reality. Gen. 32:28. To do something you have never done before you need to become someone you have never been before. Let God name you. Gen. 17:4-5Matthew 3: 15-17, Luke 4:14

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