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Reinvention 4

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

Luke 5:38-39

This series is to prepare us to recognise the season that we are in and to be ready to maximize the opportunities that are coming along with it. there are opportunities you cannot access in your current state. You will have to change to access them. The new wine in this case are new resources, promotions,  breakthroughs and opportunities. We are the wineskins.  Heaven considers our capacity before he pours the new wine. to do something you have never done before you have to become something you have never been before. Galatians 4:1-2. 

The inability to evolve is what lives many people with unrealized potentials. unrealized potential is one of the greatest causes of frustration on this planet. In John 12:24-25, the dying spell sacrifice for us. You need to Sacrifice who you are for you to harvest who you can become. Only God knows how many unrealized dreams we have on this planet and it’s simply because people want to lay hold of the dream but do not want to let go of where they have been. Reinvention involves risk taking. It is an act of faith that inspires you to let go of what you know I want to have right now so you can lay hold on what you want. Don’t stay stuck or stranded. Put your absolute trust in God. He will not fail you. 

What are the things that God has been asking you to do that you have not done? What are you afraid to do? It could be to change your physical location or leave a job and start a business ofq your own. It is never easy. It involves risk taking. Do what God is asking you to do. 

Mark 10:17-21. The greatest enemy of invention is the fear of taking risks and maybe the second greatest enemy is success. The more successful you become the more difficult it will be. we get to a particular point where we are afraid that he will let go of what we have we will not have another one. 
The sacrifice comes in different dimensions. Some of us need to sacrifice our cultural mindset and ideologies about marriage. We need to let go of our old ideas to be able to move into the new dimension.  God has a new level for you. He has a tomorrow for you.

In Acts 10, God shows a vision to Peter where God lowered a large sheet full of all animals that the Jews were not permitted to eat and God said to Peter “arise kill and eat” and Peter said to God “Lord even you know I have never eaten anything called unclean before.” And God said to Peter “what I have called clean you cannot call it unclean.” 

Sometimes we hold onto what God told us before or done through us before even to the extent that God himself cannot now get us off it. God was preparing Peter to preach to the gentiles. He had only been preaching to the Jews and had never set foot to the house of a gentile before. Don’t struggle with what God wants you to do. Let go and let God. 

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