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Reinvention (5)

Pastor Sam Adeyemi

John 12:23-25

We’ve said over and over again that we are designed for evolution, growth and metamorphosis. in this season that a lot of people have lost their jobs or closed down their businesses, we cannot allow this to be a full stop. It’s an opportunity to transmute and transform and that’s why it’s important to discuss this because no one is getting stranded here. This is not stagnation time for us. We are translating to the next level in the name of Jesus Christ. 
In John 12 Jesus said except a corn of wheat falls to the ground and dies it remains alone. A demand was being made on Jesus Christ because gentiles wanted to enjoy the benefits of His ministry just like the Jews. In verse 23 Jesus responded that the hour has come for the Son of Man to be glorified. That’s the attitude and the starting points. Whatever it is that is going on in your life right now let’s just agree that the time has come for you to rise, shine and be glorified. But the process requires dying which is very uncomfortable.  

A lot of people want the Resurrection,  they want the much fruit but they don’t want the crucifixion. The crucifixion has to come before the Resurrection. The picture to keep in mind is the picture that Jesus painted about a grain of wheat falls to the ground and dies and then it goes and brings forth much fruit. That is a beautiful story. 

We should not focus and the dying of the grain, we should focus on the Resurrection and the much fruits. 1st Cor. 15: 35-38. The You that is going to evolve is going to be radically different. When that seed gets in there, what grows out is something that has never existed before. When you are not taught the sacrificial dimension to Christianity you means the Resurrection and much fruit dimension. 

Faith in God is a risk-taking venture but every time God asks you to plant your life as a seed to sacrifice, anything in obedience to him,  there is invisible power that comes in and turns that seed into a tree. The invisible power is the creative power of the Holy Spirit. Romans 8:11. He has the power to alter your personality and circumstances and He will reinvent you this season in the mighty name of Jesus. 1st. Sam 16: 13. When you move from the natural to the supernatural you don’t have to struggle for opportunities or for doors to open for you. When the Holy Spirit alters your personality what others hear and are afraid, when you hear your interpretation is going to be different. God is going to change your perspective on the way you see your world. 
Acts 10:38 When the Spirit of God comes upon you to reconfigure and reinvent you, He alters the way you you think and the way you see your world. He gives you capacity to love other people like never before. Meaning of us are criticizing the very problem we were born to solve. If people could help themselves, they’d help themselves! The Holy Spirit gives you a capacity to solve problems on a new dimension. That dying is the process of losing control,  letting go of your old thoughts and ideas, old visions and your own ambition so you can lay hold on God’s vision for your life. Letting go of the bitterness. We are holding on to our old ideas about people around, us how the heart has…let it go! 

The Joseph that became Prime Minister in Egypt was not the Joseph that was sold to Egypt by his brothers. Joseph could have chosen to be bitter with his brothers but he allowed that Joseph to die and surrendered to God. He forgave them a long time ago before they could ask forgiveness. And the Holy Spirit evolved the Joseph that even his brothers could not imagine. Nobody can bury your destiny. Nobody should have capacity to deal with circumstances and misfortunes like a Christian. 

When the Roman government buried Jesus Christ,  on the third day he resurrected as the King of kings and the Lord of lords. Whatever may have happened to you during this pandemic,  a new you is resurrecting. 
1st Sam. 10: 1. When someone poured oil on top of Saul’s head, he told him that the Spirit of the Lord will come up on him and he will prophesy with them and be changed into another man. God is working miracles of reinvention. God is altering our capacity and giving us amazing boldness and ability to break free from shyness.

How ever God has blessed you before,  we come to the season of multiplication now and God will make you a blessing to your world like never before. 

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